Want to touch base with Spirit? Maybe you already are!


Last night I went to burn off some energy with a run around my adorable little town. Its been a very funky week, cardio is a perfect way to clear out energy and get grounded. After a particularly out of sorts day, I was lucky enough that Spirit (God, the Universe – whatever you want to call it) was magically showing up all over the place to remind me that everything is going exactly as planned.

When people ask me what its like communicating with Spirit I typically tell them, well you know because you do it too. Spirit is the “aha” moment. That wave of warmth and reassurance that washes over you. It’s the twist in the pit of your stomach when something is off. It's that undeniable knowing that things will be okay even if its truly difficult to see your way out of the tunnel you’ve thrown yourself into. It’s the stuff you shove off as “coincidence”.  And oh my word, the sunsets. Have you seen those gorgeous sky paintings lately? 

Spirit is constantly loving on us. Reminding us that we’ve totally got this, showing up in the warm hello of a perfect stranger and the tiny acts of kindness like holding the door open. Spirit is little moments and big moments. It really is just about getting your brain to shut up long enough to listen and turning off logic long enough to appreciate what it FEELS like. 

I had a great chat this morning with a client about perceived pressures. Feeling like we don’t have enough time to get everything done, overwhelment, anxiety, pressure to make decisions (often big decisions) are all things that actually block us from listening to our highest self. When we start to attempt to control the situation, when we push for answers, when we try to regulate instead of going with what FEELS right we miss every opportunity that the Universe is putting in our path. Tell your brain to take the week off and see what Spirit has in store for you. Be an active participant but take a step back and see what magic occurs when you let life happen instead of dictating it.

Your task for the day? Watch the sunset. Maybe stargaze... in your own front yard. I've found that if you do it in a strangers front yard they might come out to see if you are ok and politely ask you to leave. Slow down for five minutes to take the world in and listen! We are getting input from the other side at all times. 

How can I tell an intuitive thought from a mind thought? Here's quick guide from one of my favorite books Awaken the Spirit Within by Rebecca Rosen: 

- Intuition is random, completely out of the blue (when you are in the shower and remember that you left your favorite earrings in that purse you used last month). Mind thoughts trail one after the other.

- Intuition is warm, empowering, purposeful, and loving. Mind thoughts are fearful, critical, cold, and competitive.

- Intuition sometimes comes in second person or "you" format. Mind thoughts are first person or "I" format.

- Intuition feels familiar and right. Mind thoughts feel foreign or out of character. 

- Intuition is always present moment. Mind thoughts are often focused on the past or future.

- Intuition is supported by synchronistic events. Mind thoughts are short lived and often changing in their views.

But for now take a deep breath and look around. Magic is everywhere. 

I took about 30 pictures of the sunset the other night. 90% of them had "N"'s in them :) #Spirit