Sometimes I do my best thinking when I'm near water. Sitting and staring at the ocean for the past few days has helped clear a lot of energy and bring a lot of things to the surface. One of the things that keeps repeating itself in my life is the theme of vulnerability.

Half of our lives we spend protecting ourselves. Protecting ourselves from our truth, from other people's truth. We say "I love you" when we don't mean it. We say that we don't when we don't mean it. We lie a lot. Not in a malicious way. In a way that protects our true feelings because what if those leaked out? What if they were out in the open? We might feel embarrassed. We might feel shame. We might feel disappointed. We might feel guilty or bad about something. However, we might feel freedom. We might feel hope. We might feel connection because vulnerability is that silly little pathway. It's the break down of every guard we've set up for ourselves to prevent other people from getting in. It's safety.

So why be vulnerable? Brene' Brown did a study to determine what makes people happy. Her findings? Vulnerability. Connection through vulnerability. Honesty through vulnerability. Living in your whole truth, through vulnerability. Its a completely different feeling that moment when someone speaks directly from their heart. When we connect and see them fully, strengths and weaknesses combined.

The hardest part of being vulnerable is a worry that the people you wish to be vulnerable with, won't return it. Maybe they are too protected, too guarded, too unsure of who they are or who they want to be. They are afraid. Break the cycle. Demonstrate. Actively be what you wish to be to have in return. Maybe the only way to change it is by putting yourself out there and at least know that YOU are living in YOUR truth.

I challenge you to be brave today. To live in your truth. To say what you need to say. After all this is YOUR journey isn't it? And maybe our bravery will inspire another's bravery. Maybe our hint of vulnerability will encourage someone to find a safe place to be vulnerable in their own lives.

And when the world stops protecting themselves. Can you imagine the love that will flow? When I can easily look at you and say I'm sorry. When I can freely look at you and acknowledge how much I love you.  How often are people waiting to hear those simple words or if feeling that a simple apology would make it all better? Start the trend and see what happens.