Vol 8. Kick-Ass Morning Guide

Happy Friday!!

A week ago I tried to quit coffee. Friday until Sunday was spent without a drop of caffeine, well, until my head felt like splitting in two and my body started aching. Turns out quitting coffee is a terrible idea. Plus, the little jolt in the morning is necessary after a night of my puppy trying to make  4 a.m. the new 6 a.m..

So, while I was shaky, caffeine-less, and possibly delusional, I put together a little morning guide to help you have an awesome morning sans coffee. This guide is everything you need to jump start your morning for a positive bad-ass sort of day.

Wishing you light, love, and Clarity,

Nichole Eaton
Co-Owner of Clarity 
Lifestyle Personality at Future Life 

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This week's May 25, 2018 recommendations.

1.  Read it. How do you start your morning? The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, gives you a 6-step guide for not only helping you build progress on personal development, but  a tutorial on beginning your day with energy and an incredible mindset.

2. Watch it. I am a huge fan of working out in the morning. Not only does a little jog or yoga clear your energy, but sweating in the a.m. can boost your happy chemicals to make for an extra smiley day. While I'm working out, I listen to this Youtube video. Did you know your brain is most moldable in the morning? Meaning we can choose  thoughts we want to create momentum around. If you want to begin your day with an awesome perspective and energy, this video is for you.

3. Know it. I love to begin my day with a horoscope, particularly with Ashleen Caino's dead-on morning tarot-scopes. Not only is she insanely accurate about what to expect and the energy of the day, but she has a wicked adorable Irish accent. You can follow Ashleen on facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to her e-mail list for weekly sun sign horoscopes. 

4. Make it. Breakfast smoothies are my jam! When I'm running too late to swing by The Turtle Leaf Cafe in Elmira for their Raspberry Spinach smoothie, I'm forced to make my own. Luckily, Paleo-Hacks put together a comprehensive freeze-friendly smoothie list. With 10 different recipes, you can put them together the night before. Wake up, dump the mixture in your blender, and voila! --Healthy breakfast option!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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