Vol. 5: Friday Faves - May Must-Haves

Who's ready for the weekend?! ::Raises hand::

It's finally May and I see trees budding (squeee!). I've even had the recent experience of being outside without 20 layers... SPRING IS HERE, my friends! Spring is such a perfect time for renewal and rebirth. Today, I want you to think about how far you've come and where it is you want to go. Break up monotony by planning little trips or get togethers with friends. Get excited for your life. Create adventure for yourself.

Here at Clarity we are working on our own rebirth, Clarity is working on an online YOU-niversity for you all. I can't wait to share all of the yummy content and courses we will be delivering to you. Until then, here are a few quick and fun classes I put together for Future Life:

Learn to Read Auras in 20 Minutes
How to Write a Manifestation Letter: A life changing tool that will help improve your energetic and mental- health
How to Move on from a Break Up Energetically and Mentally

 Until next time,
 Nichole Eaton
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This week's May 4, 2018 recommendations.

1.  Read it. I really should get a cut of royalties for how much I recommend Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass. I would easily categorize this all encompassing, feel-good, self-help read into my favorites. It's funny and down to earth, but touches on all the really good stuff of mindset, behavior, and spirituality. It's just enough woo-woo for your spring reading list.

2. Don't Hate, Meditate. Everyone always asks me what is a meditation I do every day and my response is: ENERGY PROTECTION! Clearing and filtering your energy can be a life line for empathic people. If you haven't done it, here's a link to Christy's Daily Bubble of Light to walk you through it. Now, go enjoy a full day of not taking on other people's shit!

3. Give me all the Jewels. I met Ma-hina owner, Jocelyn, at a stand she set up at Corning's GlassFest a few years ago and I basically wouldn't leave her alone.
A. Because she's really cool
B. Because her hand made crystal jewelry is SO trendy.
Jewelry with a purpose of helping you clear your chakras, protect your energy, and feel more vibrant that's also adorable? It's like a prescription for the best day ever.

4. Treat Yo'Self. Mother's Day is approaching, and if you are a bit of a procrastinator like myself, I'm helping you out by reminding you to go pick up something for your mom! Of course we always recommend a Clarity Squared Reading, but in the event that your momma just needs a little pampering -- You should grab her a gift card to Namaste. Namaste is the spa with EVERYTHING. Hair, nails, massage, facials, yoga, and more in a gorgeous facility.

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