Vol 3. Friday Faves - Back From the Edge

Whoop! Another week in the books!

Every day is a day to celebrate, but if you survived this week -- you get a gold star. All of you. You get a gold star. And you get a gold star! Giving away gold stars like I'm Oprah. This week was challenging filled with doubt and worry of life not coming together. There was harsh clearings of personal relationships and old fears thrown into your pretty little face.

Faith is a tricky thing that you sometimes lose and have to find again. It's like my office keys, or every really nice pen I've ever owned. The good news is, the rough parts are over. We are stepping into a new energy. Our new and higher selves. This weekend is for resetting, revitalize and revisiting your truth, where you'd like to be, and what makes you hella happy.
Until next Friday
  Nichole Eaton
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This week's April 20, 2018 recommendations.

1. Read it. If you've had the pleasure of hanging out with me in the past two weeks, you've probably asked me to shut up about "We're Going to Need More Wine" by Gabrielle Union, "Nickie Union" if you will. I devoured this book and was annoyed when I had to stop. I obsessed over the profound a-ha moments I had while reading it and the beautiful raw energy it was written with. This memoir takes you on a journey of Gabrielle finding her identity as a black woman in Pleasanton, CA, the struggles of owning who you really are, what it's like to overcome a traumatic experience, and the battle of racial barriers that still exist. My fair warning to you is this book would probably be Rated R, due to language, violence, tough trauma scenes, and the laugh out loud chapter where she tried to use yogurt instead of Monistat. It's so honest and real, you won't be able to put it down.

2. Where to Go to Get Grounded. Grounding stones are typically black or red in color because they are associated with your root chakra. Although you can find nine bazillion different stones that will help keep you grounded AND protect your energy, the most badass in my opinion is the black tourmaline. Our favorite stone shop is located in Savona, NY. Fossil Rock Acres is not only a knowledgable and warm environment, but it's also similar to Target where you go in for one stone and three hours later you come out with four bags of gems you didn't even know you needed!

3. Podcasts that Up Your Social Skills. I had the pleasure of meeting Arel Moodie a few years ago and to say this man is charming is an understatement. Since then, his career has absolutely blown up and he is on more stages than ever before. Which means he knows what he is talking about when it comes to being more likable. Arel's Podcast The Art of Likeability is the epi-center for learning tips and tricks on how to be more confident and command the energy in any room and situation. It's not about changing who you are its about amplifying who you are through awareness of body language and improved communication skills.

4. Tarot Apps You Need in Your Life:  I have tarot ADD which means that I can't use just one deck. I get bored and need to find fresh energy in a new deck (which can get very expensive). Insert Hay House Apps here! Hay House has many of their popular decks available as apps, which they offer a 7-day free trial so you can see if you even like the deck! I've downloaded all of them but ended up purchasing the Angel Deck for my on the go I-need-to-pull-a-card-even-at-a-stoplight sort of moments.  

5. Get Out Of Town: I use Airbnb like Pinterest except sometimes I actually purchase trips, like my accidental buy of a Cape Cod beach house for the second week of May (Oops!) AirBnb is a travel lodging page with the option to stay in other people's homes or guest houses. You can get an entire place to yourself or you can rent a room if you'd like to cheaply travel to a explore a new city. The hosts are typically amazing and offer up tips to get the most out of the city you are staying in. Airbnb is also my go-to for finishing creative projects! 

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