Vol. 11: Father's Day Edition - Dad-itude & Gratitude

Happy Father's Day weekend to all you Dad's out there. Any holiday can be dicey. Maybe you've have the best dad a girl could dream up. Maybe you never met yours. Maybe you  lost your father or have a complicated relationship with him. Either way, gratitude is an important piece of either celebrating awesomeness or appreciating lessons learned.

This week's Friday Faves are all about Dad-titude and Gratitude. I made that first part up.


Nichole Eaton
Co-Owner of Clarity 
Lifestyle Personality at Future Life 

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This week's June 15, 2018 recommendations.

1. Need a last minute gift? This website is the perfect life-hack for man-shopping. If you're like me and you go blank when you have to get the man in your life a present,  Mancrates.com carefully crafts crates including everything he needs in one sweet little package. There are so many categories to look through, you'll be sure to find a gift reflective of the man you adore. 

2. Add a little gratitude. One of my favorite parts of my day is writing in my gratitude journal. An entire book just of things, people, or experiences I'm grateful for. Gratitude is a science and can change your life, your perspective, AND re-wire your brain. If you need a little guidance, I am in love with this adorable book Good Days Start with Gratitude: 52 Week Guide to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude from Amazon.com

3. Sting it. If your dad or hubby is a baseball fan, check out our favorite locally-owned baseball company --Stinger Sports Co. Stinger not only sells cool gear, t-shirts, batting gloves but also some sweet customized wooden bats. As it turns out Stinger loves Clarity, use the code CLARITY for 20% off your first purchase. 


4. Read it. One of my absolute favorite books to help you connect with the life changing power of gratitude is Pam Grout's Thank & Grow Rich. This read is an adorable spin on Napolean Hill's 1937 ever-so-popular, Think and Grow Rich.
Feeling skeptical? The author brilliant guides you through a series of experiments to help you see the impact of gratitude in your life.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a weekend of magic, connection, and love, 


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