Vol. 1: Friday Favorites - The Must Haves for April 2018

Woohoo! You've made it through another week! And this one was a DOOZY! Mercury is still in retrograde and amping up it's shenanigans. For you non-astrologers, this means that you are getting hit with some old fears, resurfacing drama, communication concerns, and minor  inconveniences that seem to be quickly adding up. (For survival tips, check out last week's blog on Going with the Flow.)

Due to the harsh Universal conditions, I have decided to put together things that make me happy.  I am often asked for recommendations on various things like books, crystals, meditations, and products that I'm obsessed with. Each week I'll be putting together a few of my favorite things, just like The Sound of Music, but I'm not on a hill and my style is a little more modern. 

So relax. It's Friday. You've made it. And The Clarity Girls are here if you're worried you might not. 

This week's April 6, 2018 recommendations:

1. I stumbled upon Danielle Laporte three years ago and she changed my life. She recently started a podcast called Lightwork that I am wicked geeked about. If you want to be geeked along side me:

2. If you're looking for jewelry with a purpose  a handmade authentic mala necklace from our friends over at Lavender Light will have you swooning (and energetically balanced!). Word on the street is they even offer a service to do an energy assessment and customize a mala personalized to balance your energetic needs.

3. What would a recommendation list be without a shameless plug for the app that Clarity is  part of? The Future Life App is a horoscope and personal development app including the top personalities and professionals on astrology, tarot, mental health, love, and lifestyle from around the world. You can grab a 7-Day Trial with access to all of the awesomeness by clicking here: http://m.onelink.me/f42c641d

4. At the last Clarity Connects, one of our sponsors BeSpoke Apothecary gifted us some Perfect Skin Cream. Oh. Em. Gee. This stuff is ahh-mazing. I was a little hesitant to put it on my face because I have sensitive skin and it appears thick, but my skin has never been softer. Apply with good intentions. Check out the Perfect Skin cream and their other awesome organic products:

5. Michael Sealey has the voice of an angel (and a great accent to boot!) Not only will this sleep hypnosis help you get you some serious beauty sleep but it will help reprogram your subconscious to believe in yourself and trust your choices. This youtube channel also has a plethora of meditative and hypnosis videos on anything you could need. Does it really get any better? 

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