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The K.I.S.S.Method for Spirituality

 If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a spiritual chick!  I love the feeling of knowing that I am loved and supported by forces that are greater than myself and watching for the signs that support that!  I love teaching and sharing these concepts with others! I love to spend time in nature, reading and learning about spiritual and metaphysical topics, and taking time for meditation and reflection.  

I honor my spirit but I also recognize and honor my human.  Some days, I’m an overwhelmed, over-scheduled mess!  I occasionally like to drink too much or spend a day binging episodes of The Real Housewives.  I laugh at some of the most inappropriate jokes and make many of them myself!  If you don’t believe me, buy me a gin and tonic and watch the things that come out of my mouth! 

I realized pretty early on in this spiritual journey that I wasn’t the ultimate guru! Im a spiritual being having a human experience AND a human having a spiritual experience.  The very best I can hope for is to find balance as often as possible.  I’m both woke and down to earth.  And you know what, I'm cool with that!  

I think it helps me to be relatable and to relate to others in my work and in my life.  So many of us are here walking this earth just trying to do the very best we can.  While it is important for us to always strive to grow and ascend, I also think we need to be kind and patient with ourselves along the way! 

Earlier on in my spiritual journey, I remember being SO intimidated by some of the things I was seeing and learning.  I would go to a class, watch people whip out a pocket full of crystals, and leave feeling badly that I had NO CLUE what the eff any of those crystals were for!  When having conversations with some “highly spiritual” people, sometimes I had to use the trusty “nod and smile” because it was like they were speaking a foreign language.  Hell, sometimes I still use it in those situations.  

Recently, I remember going to a yoga class at a new space and at the end of the class, everyone turned to each other and said “Jai Bhagwan” in place of the usual “Namaste.”  “Jai Bi whaaaaaat?”  I almost didn't go back.  Not because it wasn’t an amazing class but because it embarrassed me that , this far along in my spiritual journey, there are still spiritual concepts and words that aren't even remotely familiar.  And the truth is, even though I did go back and I now know how to say this word quite eloquently, I still had to google how to spell it to include it in this blog!  

When I was in college, I remember my professor for a research class talking about the K.I.S.S. method for investigating things.  It’s an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  While I would replace the word stupid with a more loving label (Sexy, Sassy, Sweetheart?), I love this concept for approaching your spiritual life.  

The truth is, we are all on this spiritual journey.  We are all learning and hopefully assimilating new concepts along the way.  You are never going to know it all and frankly there will be many situations where you will need concepts broken down for you.  It’s ok to ask questions.  It’s ok to be human.  

Be easy and loving to yourself! Learn what you can, when you can!  If it takes you 6 months to read that book on lucid dreaming, let it take you 6 months!  But don’t let that fear of not finishing the book prevent you from picking up the book at all!  If you have behaved in a way that doesn’t feel good to your soul, recognize how you want to approach it differently and move forward.  Always work on growing and progressing but keep it simple along the way!  

My intention with my newest blog, Down to Earth, is to present you with simple spiritual concepts and ideas.  These are ideas that don’t make your brain feel like it’s going up in smoke!  Keep an eye out for more on our Clarity page!  Thanks for reading!  Let me know if this connected for you!  

Christy Forsyth, Co-Owner of Clarity 

Soul Therapist 

Spiritual Video Personality, Future Life