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Tending the Garden of Your Life: How to Create Space to Blossom

I was out weeding my flower bed and thinking about how symbolic it is for my life and the energy of the collective lately.  This year, I’ve been really busy and didn’t tend to it as early as I would have liked.  The result was an overgrown mess!  

And right in the middle, there was this nasty weed that was absolutely huge!  I couldn't even pull it out with my gloves because it was that spiky and prickly.  I had to get creative and dig it out and use some thick fabric to get it into a garbage bag.  

This is what we are doing as a collective…we are tending our gardens.  We are deciding what we want to allow to grow in our lives and what we don’t.  What I noticed when I was pulling the weeds is that some of my beautiful perennials were having trouble growing and thriving.  The weeds were blocking their light!  

Let us consider in our own lives the things that are blocking our light.  We are energetic beings and need to surround ourselves with the energies, situations, and people that allow us to grow.  And we need to weed out the things that prevent us from thriving!  Here are some tips to help you to tend to your own garden:

1. Be Aware of the Vibe!

Sometimes we get so caught up in repeating our patterns or living our lives on autopilot that we don’t recognize the energies that we are surrounding ourselves with.  Notice the way you feel after leaving certain people and situations.  Who are the people and situations that light you up?  When do you feel drained?  

2. Weed!

In order to feel and be your best, you are going to have to clear away negativity from your life.  This comes in many forms: relationships, jobs, negative thought patterns, fears, unhealthy behavior patterns, etc.  I have been surprised at the amount of clearing that has been necessary for me in my life lately!  

Some weeds are easier to start with.  It may be easier to choose to cut out an activity that you don’t really want to do than ending a long-term, very unhealthy relationship.  Some will look terrifying and will require a shovel, heavy digging, and some creativity.  Some will require a plan and taking small action steps.  

When you are weeding things out of your life, you will feel afraid and emotional!  You will feel unsure sometimes.  But if that intuitive voice is telling you that it’s time to make a change, I suggest you listen!  It is creating a beautiful fertile space in your garden for magical things to grow!

3. Plant!

It is also important to consider what you want to grow in your garden.  What do you want to plant?  If you want to plant positive thinking, consciously focus your awareness on finding the next better thought that makes you feel good and uplifted.  How do you want to spend your time?  Be mindful to put your time into people and activities that feed your soul.  Having goals and taking conscious action in the direction of those goals is another way we can ensure a blossoming garden!  

4. Soak up the sun!

Something important that we need to remember here is that we don’t have to do it alone!  God, the Universe, whatever you call that, is here to help!  Your job is to allow it to be your guide!  It is important to put your trust into something greater than yourself!  There are forces that want you to flourish!  Ask for that help and allow it to do some of the work for you!  Without the sunlight, there is no garden!  And recognize the purpose of the rain that shows up too!  It is just as necessary for your growth!  

5. Blossom!

Celebrate your successes.  Recognize your growth!  See the beauty in your own unique blossom.  Enjoy the joy, peace, and healing that a well cared for garden provides!  

I’d love to hear from you guys!  How are you planning on tending your garden today?  

Christy Forsyth, Soul Therapist and Co-Owner of Clarity

Spiritual Video Personality, Future Life