• Tarot Development Course Series

Tarot Development Course Series


About this item

Learn to read Tarot cards both intuitively and with a base knowledge of the traditional meanings! This is an 8-part video course series that has been prerecorded with a love class. Access to a Facebook community for further practice and support is included with course registration. Purchasing this course gives you instant access to an E Book with video links and supplemental course materials all in one place. 

Here’s what you get:

1. BONUS prerequisite course: Intuition 101

2. BONUS prerequisite course: How to Pull a Daily Card For Yourself

3. E Book with video links and course materials

4. Class 1: Getting Started With Tarot

5. Class 2: The Major Arcana

6. Class 3: Wands, Numbers, and Court Cards

7. Class 4: Cups and 5 Card Spreads

8. Class 5: Pentacles, Themes, and Oracle Cards

9. Class 6: Swords and Giving Tarot Readings

10. Class 7: The Celtic Cross and Other Tarot Considerations 

11. Class 8: Taking it to the Next Level