Thank you so much for being part of my Rock Your Soul group! My intention is to remind you of your power and encourage you to put yourself first. Here you will find tools to help including my 5-Minute Meditation series for you busy people! Not part of the group yet? Click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rockyoursoulclarity/?fref=nf

Make Sure to Get Nichole's New Book!

How the hell can I be happier? Get out of my head? Feel better about myself? If you’ve been digging your way towards a better life and a better mindset, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Co-Owner of Clarity, and overall badass, Nichole Eaton, has you covered.

 This is not your momma’s self-help book.

 Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind is off-beat, honest, hilarious, and yet dives into the innerworkings of your brain in a fun way to help you get a grip on your thinking. Through a conversational writing-style, crazy stories, and genuine scientific evidence, Nichole will help you:

  • Improve your mood, relationships, decision-making skills, and overall awesomeness
  • Get back to who you truly are by tapping into your true passion, purpose, and desire
  • Gain understanding and awareness of thought patterns that suck
  • Learn how to flip your shitty thoughts into better ones
  • Use scientifically-proven and unusual, yet fun mind-changing strategies
  • Understand how your brain works so you can override it
  • Live your best life by unleashing your mind’s true power

So, are you ready to Rock Your Soul? Now available on Amazon and Kindle.

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    Meet Christy Forsyth: Clarity Connects Speaker 2019

    Christy Forsyth
    Soul Therapist
    Owner, Clarity and The Clarity Center for Intuitive and Wellness Arts
    Topic: Becoming a Reformed Good Girl 

    We can find ourselves caught up in expectations...from society, from our loved ones, and from what we believe we are supposed to be.  Christy will share her story on releasing her inner good girl and people pleaser in order to listen to the calling of her soul.  When we can honor our authentic selves and live in our truth, we can empower our life.  

    Christy Forsyth is the Owner of Clarity and The Clarity Center for Intuitive and Wellness Arts. She is a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Intuitive Empath, Energy Healing Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She combines all of this experience and training to create a service she calls Soul Therapy, an intuitively-driven life coaching experience.  Throughout her life's work, Christy has dedicated herself to helping people to heal and to achieve their highest potential.  


    Connect with Christy:

    Website: www.discoveryourawakening.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/christywatersforsyth
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/claritybychristy
    Instagram: @christyclarity

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    Meet Nichole Eaton: Clarity Connects 2019 Speaker

    Nichole Eaton
    Soul Therapist
    Author, Rock Your Soul

    Topic: Thank You, Next: Leveling Up Your Life

    We all have awareness when something needs to change, but change can be daunting. Fear keeps us playing small and settling into a life we are less than excited about. What does it look like to make a big leap to change your life? How do you do that with grace, ease, and trust? Nichole will walk you through how to know when its time to change and how to not lose your mind while changing your life.

    Nichole Eaton is the author of Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind and soul therapist. Nichole brings dynamic transformation to her clients, helping them reconnect with their power, with her unique style that interweaves her experiences as both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and an Intuitive. Nichole has a true passion for helping others find their purpose, break through blocks and barriers, and bring back their inner sparkle. She is a teacher, speaker, and powerhouse.


    Connect with Nichole:

    Instagram: @nicholeeaton.xo
    Buy her book: https://nicholeeaton.com/products/rock-your-soul-the-down-to-earth-guide-to-mastering-your-mind or get it on Amazon.

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    Meet Dr. Billy Chow: Clarity Connects 2019 Speaker

    Dr. Billy Chow
    Deputy President of the Austrailan Spinal Research Foundation; Doctor of Chiropractic; Motivational Speaker

    Topic: Carpe Diem: Change Management For Your Life

    People find themselves feeling stuck and unable to express their full potential in their 
    relationships, finances, careers, self-esteem, self-worth etc. Often our growth can take a back seat due to our behaviors, limiting beliefs and busy schedules.  Dr. Billy Chow will share his thoughts on creating rapid, dramatic and long-lasting change by teaching us to become our own "Change Manager.”  

    Dr. Billy Chow graduated from RMIT Chiropractic in 1998. Since graduating he has had varied and enriching career in private practice, on boards and in business. He is currently the Deputy President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Billy has traveled and inspired people all over the world through his motivational speaking! 

    Check out Billy and our other amazing speakers at our Clarity Connects motivational speaking event on March 2, 2019 at the Elmira Heights Theatre! 

    Get Your Tickets Here!

    Connect with Dr. Billy Chow:

    Facebook: @drbillychow
    Instagram: @thechillybow

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