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    Vol. 11: Father's Day Edition - Dad-itude & Gratitude

    Happy Father's Day weekend to all you Dad's out there. Any holiday can be dicey. Maybe you've have the best dad a girl could dream up. Maybe you never met yours. Maybe you  lost your father or have a complicated relationship with him. Either way, gratitude is an important piece of either celebrating awesomeness or appreciating lessons learned.

    This week's Friday Faves are all about Dad-titude and Gratitude. I made that first part up.


    Nichole Eaton
    Co-Owner of Clarity 
    Lifestyle Personality at Future Life 

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    This week's June 15, 2018 recommendations.

    1. Need a last minute gift? This website is the perfect life-hack for man-shopping. If you're like me and you go blank when you have to get the man in your life a present,  Mancrates.com carefully crafts crates including everything he needs in one sweet little package. There are so many categories to look through, you'll be sure to find a gift reflective of the man you adore. 

    2. Add a little gratitude. One of my favorite parts of my day is writing in my gratitude journal. An entire book just of things, people, or experiences I'm grateful for. Gratitude is a science and can change your life, your perspective, AND re-wire your brain. If you need a little guidance, I am in love with this adorable book Good Days Start with Gratitude: 52 Week Guide to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude from Amazon.com

    3. Sting it. If your dad or hubby is a baseball fan, check out our favorite locally-owned baseball company --Stinger Sports Co. Stinger not only sells cool gear, t-shirts, batting gloves but also some sweet customized wooden bats. As it turns out Stinger loves Clarity, use the code CLARITY for 20% off your first purchase. 


    4. Read it. One of my absolute favorite books to help you connect with the life changing power of gratitude is Pam Grout's Thank & Grow Rich. This read is an adorable spin on Napolean Hill's 1937 ever-so-popular, Think and Grow Rich.
    Feeling skeptical? The author brilliant guides you through a series of experiments to help you see the impact of gratitude in your life.

    Thanks for reading. Wishing you a weekend of magic, connection, and love, 


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    Vol. 10: What Brings You Joy?

    This week has been nothing short of a giant contrast. It's been full of celebration including Sex and the City's 20th Anniversary. I've always been convinced Carrie Bradshaw and I are the same person. SATC always brings a smile to my face remembering the movie premiere when Christy had too many cosmos and threw up in her friend's popcorn bucket. In the total opposite direction, many of us have been experiencing major internal battles this week which is seemingly reflected by our loss of both icon, Kate Spade and Celebrity Chef, Anthony Bourdain. (If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting 'Home' to 741741)

    Many of my dreams have taken form this week (Squee!), but my excitement hasn't been without moments of panic. Old worries about being disappointed surfaced. My morning started off with pure anxiety. I wanted to protect myself from feeling let down by not engaging in my hopes. I refocused that nervous energy on my run this morning by sprinting hills. Now this sounds like, and was, a terrible idea but there at the top of a hill I've never been on I noticed a "Grace Blvd" street sign. I took a deep breath, smiled, and remembered the Universe always has my back (and yours). Allow yourself to hope. Allow yourself to celebrate. Trust in amazing opportunities that are on their way. And redirect worry, to grace. This week's Friday Favorite's are all things that bring me joy.

    Quick Note:  If you haven't signed up for my Summer Sparkle: Self-Love Seminar next Tuesday, June 12th Make sure to get registered! We only have a handful of spots left! Not local? I am offering this class ONLINE as well. Just make sure to note you're attending online when you register. Replay will be available. :) 

    E-mailing you all some hope and love for an epic weekend. Get a peek at next weeks energy with Christy's Energy Report.


    Nichole Eaton
    Co-Owner of Clarity 
    Lifestyle Personality at Future Life 

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    This week's June 8, 2018 recommendations.

    1. My current obsession. If you've sat down and chatted with me, I've probably recommended hypnosis. Because it's magic and you can change your brain while you sleep. Who doesn't want to skip the work and just feel awesome? I stumbled upon this FREE Healing with Heart Energy by Trigram Healing while at a very intense dental appointment last Saturday. I've listened every night before bed. Here's why I'm obsessed: I'm out like a light, wake up not only in a fantastic mood, but with SO MUCH energy. 

    2. Apps to live by. I love to cook. I'm not implying I'm good at it, but I still love it. I love recipes off Pinterest, but I'm admittedly a poorly organized Pinterest user. I recently stumbled upon an app called Copy Me That. This brilliant app is an all in one recipe holder, meal planner, AND shopping list. It takes all of your recipes even from pinterest and organizes them for you. Oh, and it's FREE! You're welcome.  

    3. A Perfect Summer Read. Warning: This title will get you stares shall you dare read it in public. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, is not only entertaining but helps you really assess what's important in your life. You're only allotted a certain amount of fucks, where are yours going? Check out my full review on this book here. 

    4. I'm going to Iceland. People often ask me how I travel so much. I have and always will make travel a priority, but I find affordable options like using Airbnb and Groupon. If you haven't stumbled upon Groupons incredible air-inclusive travel deals or are skeptical, I've yet to have a bad experience. Once booked, you're connected with an actual travel agency to book any additional details and ask any questions you might have. I had the most wonderful experience in Mexico last year, and I just booked a $499 trip to Iceland for October that includes flight AND hotel for 5 days. Stop procrastinating or making excuses and go see the world!

    Wishing you love, light, and Clarity, 


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    The High Vibe Challenge: Change Your Energy and Feel Better!

    Let the High Vibes begin!  If you are needing more positivity and joy in your life, this is the blog for you!  

    If you caught my video yesterday, I spoke about my June “Raise Your Vibration challenge.”  Check it out here: https://youtu.be/pB9RT2zPNSs. It starts today with this blog! 

    I invited you all to join me in my FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/184192072168176/) It’s a Magical Life with Christy Forsyth, to work on raising your vibe along with me. Make sure you join the group to get in on the challenge!  

    It’s been a tough month for me!  I’m usually pretty good at turning my energy around but I’ve found myself slipping back into old energetic patterns.  I have been feeling things that I haven’t experienced in years since I started protecting my energy, meditating, and focussing on maintaining my vibration.  I’ve felt anxious, depressed, and downright hopeless at times! People have commented that Ive lost my sparkle (gasp!). 

    I knew that I needed to get myself back on track.  And the very first thing that I needed to do was to take a look at what I was doing and NOT doing that would help to get my vibes back into a better energetic space.  In the simplest of terms, our vibration is our frequency here on this planet.  The more light and positive energy we have, the higher our vibration.  The more negativity and fear we allow, the lower the vibration.  The higher our vibration, the better we feel and the less likely we are impacted by those little things in life.  We find our place of Zen and allow ourselves to flow and recognize the magic that is showing up for us!

    So today, on Day 1 of the challenge, this is my challenge to you.  Take a GOOD HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF and what you are and aren’t doing in regards to your vibration.  Be honest with yourself! Take responsibility and make some changes!  What could you be doing better?  What are the tried and true things that work for you that need to be revisited?  This isn’t about being hard on yourself.  This is about recognizing your power here!  

    We are experiencing some MAJOR shifts in the planetary energy and it has been hard for many of us to adjust.  We have to put some big energy into ourselves and our vibration to get ourselves to a higher frequency!  Check out my tips for starting to make changes to your vibration based on my own self-awareness and exploration!

    1. What Does Your Routine Look Like? How Are You Spending Your Time?

    When I say, work on your daily routine, I don’t mean that every day needs to be the same!  But I do mean that we need to take a look at what we are doing and how we can live out our day to day lives better.  For me, it means limited lowering the frequency of lower vibrational activities (the shit that doesn’t make you feel good) and increasing the higher vibrational activities (the shit that feeds your soul).  

    Consider WHO and WHAT you are spending your time on?  Are you spending your time with the people who bring more light and positivity into your world?  Are you spending time in places that feel good or are full of negativity?  How can this be adapted?  

    So this month I will be looking to decrease things like time spent on social media, being mindful of the shows and movies I’m watching (and the time spent watching them), time spent on my phone, time spent worrying about stuff that doesn’t really matter, and other time wasters that don’t really serve me.

    I’ll be increasing things like taking more time in the morning outside to greet/connect with the earth, nature walks, reading books that help me to improve or feel positive, videos and music that make me feel upbeat and hopeful, getting more sleep, more meditation, living in/enjoying the moment, and anything that makes me laugh!  I LOVE to laugh and find ways to not take life or myself so seriously!  

    Notice that I'm working on a balance, not being too strict with this!  Sometimes being too structured with things can make us rebel!  While I will be watching less tv, there’s still room for the Real Housewives in my life.  I mean, c’mon, NEW YORK is on!  No need to get crazy here!  

    2. What Are You Eating?

    Consider the food and drinks that you have as part of your energetic plan!  All foods and drinks have a frequency!  You can learn more about the specific frequencies of foods but in simplest terms, the stuff that is supposed to be better for you is usually a higher frequency.  Greens, nuts, fruits, and other veggies are high vibrational foods.  

    And if you need to slip the occasional piece of chocolate or box of donuts in there, at least make sure you say a blessing before you eat it.  There is a lot of vibrational power in simply taking a moment to ask the Divine to fill your food with light and to express gratitude for it!  

    I’m working on increasing the high vibe foods and decreasing things like alcohol and caffeine.  These are like energetic potholes that can take a toll on us!  Listen to your body!  You know what makes you feel good and what doesn’t!

    3. What Are You Thinking?

    Be mindful of how much “stinkin’ thinkin’” you are doing.  Where are you letting your thoughts go?  Awareness is the first step towards changing your thinking!  Recognizing your unhelpful thoughts gives you a chance to seek a better feeling thought!  I love the work that Esther and Jerry Hicks have done on this!  Through their channeling of Abraham in their book “Ask and It is Given”, they share the concept of the Emotional Set Point.  They discuss working on raising your vibration through the working up the scale of emotions.  More info on that in this helpful PDF (http://www.livingwhole.net/uploads/1/3/0/7/13072851/moving_up_the_emotional_scale.pdf). I HIGHLY recommend that you read this book if you are wanting to work on your vibration.  It makes for a great audio book too! 

    For me personally, I am focussing on spending less time worrying and refocussing my thoughts on trusting that God has it all under control!  One of my favorite processes for releasing unhelpful thoughts is to ask myself if there is anything I can do about it.  If there is, I do it!  If there is not, I say a little prayer and let God know I’m handing it over!  Sometimes it takes me multiple times to redirect my brain but eventually I get there!  

    I think this gives us a great place to start!!!  Let me know in comments what you are planning to change to help shake up your energy today!  I’m excited to have you all join me on this journey!  

    Be sure to join the group to be a part of the challenge! https://www.facebook.com/groups/184192072168176/

    Christy Forsyth

    CoOwner of Clarity

    Spiritual Video Personality on Future Life TV

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