Retrograde 101

It’s that time again! About three times per year we are graced with Mercury’s inability to move forward (See we aren’t the only ones, even planets do it sometimes). Why is Mercury so effin’ infamous you wonder? Well, Mercury’s little spin backwards can cause a whole lot of things to go out of whack. Some people have faulted Mercury’s backtracking for delays, contracts falling through, and serious communication issues. It can also be a time of “clearing” or what I like to refer to as emotional freaking chaos for us empaths. However, Retrograde can be a really great time to reconcile, reflect, refresh, review, and refocus! Although, my advice waking up this morning and seeing the reminder in my astrological log would have been to hide under the nearest rock – I’ve decided that there may be other (and better) options.

Does knowing about it make it worse?

When I first discovered the freakish accurateness of astrology I had momentary panic that I had little to no control over anything. The planets were literally going to just sweep me away into whatever energy was currently happening that day and my fight against it was hopeless. It was actually a dramatic and pathetic feeling where I’m sure wrote some nasty things in my journal then pouted somewhere like the totally awakened adult I am. The funny thing is my ENTIRE life I’ve been impacted by this stuff, I just never had an awareness to even begin to understand what the purpose was or what to do with it. Astrology impacts everyone whether they are aware or not, but having awareness can be the difference between a melt down and feeling that life is completely spiraling versus obtaining a moment of empowerment!

A Quick Story

As with all things, knowledge is power. Two retrogrades ago (if I were to count my life in retrogrades) It was 8pm on a monday night and as usual i was running late for something but had pulled over and parked to take a phone call. I was so distracted by the phone call that I left my lights on while sitting there, but turned my car off. You can guess what happened. Yep – My car was totally dead. I was stranded in the middle of a street that was not active or well lit, in a town that was not high vibration. I checked my phone and had a solid 5% battery and everyone I knew was at a meditation event I was supposed to be hosting – with their phones off (so polite). After numerous texts to nearby friends I panicked, followed by a quick moment of realization that it was indeed the middle of retrograde. My first thought was "F" retrograde (Hey- I'm being honest). However, Simply knowing it was retrograde gave me a moment to sit and figure out what the point was instead of just being angry that I was stranded in the middle of a really scary town at night, in the cold. With this in mind I was able to have some time to reflect and a few important things happened for me that night:

1. I was able to sit and relax for the first time in weeks. I had been working nearly 60 hours a week trying to accommodate my growing business, events, and my full time job elsewhere on top of being a mommy of 2. Instead of flipping out I decided to use that time to doodle and read for an hour while I waited. It was actually really nice.

2. I was able to get some great insights into some other things that were going on in my life, better understandings of people and why they are the way they are. I also had some brilliant ideas for new classes and events. My creativity was through the roof.

3. A few important people that night ignored my messages for assistance. A very clear reminder of who I could count on and who I couldn’t. Some folks that I realized I needed to stop bending over backwards for. I also had some new people offer to come to my rescue that I had only known for a month or so. 

4. I’m pretty sure I started my car with my mind. Ok – you weren’t ready for that one but who is? After sitting there for OVER an hour CRANKING my key trying to get the damn thing started with zero results. I changed my mind, set my intention, and utilized Law of Attraction. With sincere gratitude that my car was started, I envisioned the engine and battery sparking “on” and the excitement of what that would feel like if it did start on its own for nearly 10-15 minutes. I sat for a minute then tried again and BOOM – my car started. Since then I have done this 3 other times with two separate vehicles and realized that sometimes intentions are actually more powerful than circumstance (and that I really need to start remembering to turn my lights off). Which leads me to my next point…

Setting your intention.

Like I said, Retrograde doesn’t have to be an awful three weeks. Although it's important to be aware that if things are getting funky, it’s a time to step back and figure out what the universe is trying to say. My car stalling was a sign for me to slow the hell down, take a breather. If I didn’t have the awareness that it was retrograde I probably would’ve had a full steam ugly-cry melt down and potential panic attack. The power of intention is greater than anything else, and I’m a FIRM believer in that. So as much as you can acknowledge that Retrograde has its set backs, set your intention to handle any set backs with grace, love, and understanding of why its occurring. Set your intention for clearing of things that you no longer need or even situations or people that are no longer serving you. Set your intention to feel strong enough to do this. Retrograde as much of a pain in the ass it can be can also be a beautiful time of rebirth and brand new starts. Let THAT be your retrograde – don’t doom your next few weeks by assuming the worst because that is EXACTLY what you will get.

Self Care

We are all a little selfish during retrograde. It can be a time of emotional healing and reflection which is why communication can get a little off kilter with our focus being so internal. Don’t apologize for needing more time alone. Don’t forget your self care basics: Start a fitness routine, drink more water. Rest, relax, and binge watch Netflix (yes I’m including binge watching Netflix as a basic –OITNB is back June 6th). Whatever it is that keeps you happy and feeling content. Break out that CD mix from the early 2000’s, you know the one with JaRule on it. Retrogrades are a perfect time for a healthy dose of nostalgia. Also, SLOW DOWN – that could be a public service announcement, but ill just use capital letters to get my point out there. Take a step back to look at the big picture – chances are things aren’t as serious as they feel at the moment. Play hooky. This is a perfect time to use your creativity. Express yourself through art and learn more about yourself through it. Make music or learn a new instrument. Start a journal. Reset your vision boards. Date yourself!

With Others

Communicate! Learn to be clear with your communication, but that starts with figuring out what you want or need. If you need to set boundaries – set them! But do it in a kind loving way, we are all going through this together. Review relationships to see where they have come from, what paths they have taken to get to where they are. Can they be healed or do they need releasing? Forgive if needed or ask for forgiveness. Anything that feels like a loose end could use your best attempt at tying it back up. Reflect on your own patterns of behavior. Can you improve? Take some time to review how much you’ve grown in your relationships with others. Also, consider if you are being appreciated by everyone who surrounds you. Are they helping you grow or holding you back? Get in touch with your truth. Retrogrades have a way of shaking the truth out of people or at least out of your unconscious. See what things you can learn about your situation. No need for hasty decisions at this time. Just reflection and understanding. If you are going to have a conversation of importance – make sure its face to face.

Personal Space

Clear out your shit. Sorry. It had to be said. You know that stuff in your desk drawers that has been sitting there since 2012? Throw it away. That stack of papers that needs sorting – see ya! Clean up your life and living space this retrograde by clearing house. Sage it out too. Release the old energy through saging and renewing the energy in your space. It may not hurt to sage yourself too! Rid yourself of a clutter.

Ready, set, go!

So until June 11th put on your game faces and suck it up, Buttercup. Plan some fun times and find small things to look forward to. Look for the magic in your day to day – it’s still there, I pinky promise! Try to take life a little seriously and things a little less personally. Use your introspection wisely. It’s your retrograde, Choose to make the best of it!

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