Random Acts of Connection, Kindness in Elmira

When Christy and I were in the planning stages of starting Clarity, envisioning what it would look like, our vision always ended with being able to give back. We spent our morning doing just that. With proceeds from our February event Clarity Connects, which is a motivational speaking event designed to inspire, motivate, and connect, we were able to adventure into the world of paying it forward.

Our first stop was swinging by our favorite local diner, Lights Bakery, if you haven’t had their half moons, I strongly encourage it. The ladies at Light’s jumped on board and were over the moon to help with our request to cover some bills. We requested to remain anonymous, there’s love and power that comes with silent kindness.

Our next stop was the DMV and social services, and if you’ve ever been to the DMV, you understand how time consuming or frustrating it can be. We decided to hang out in the parking lot and passed out some adorable flower bouquets hand-crafted by the wonderful Flower Lady, Christina Blessau. Also, If you have any interest in knowing what a car smells like on a hot day after having over 20 bouquets of flowers in it, please feel free to come sniff my Audi. We had some beautiful responses to this gesture that we couldn’t capture on camera. One of the men who took a bouquet explained that he saw what he perceived to be homeless woman outside of the dumpster down the street and that he was planning on taking it to her. I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Kindness is such a gentle reminder of our humanity. It’s like saying, “Hey, I really see you”. We then experienced a not so gentle reminder, the police officer who approached us with utmost confusion. He concluded that he couldn’t be mad about free flowers, and for the record, we successfully did not get escorted off any premises today.

Lastly, Christy and I both had our washing machines break down this past winter, in which we had to regularly hang at the laundry mat. We learned many things about that situation, most of which concluded that laundry mats kind of suck. So, we decided to bring a little joy and hopefully a few smiles to the laundry mat by packing a little rainbow colored baggy with tide pods and dryer sheets. We only met one guy who was incredibly amused, but left the rest in hopes that whoever stumbles upon our little packages will love it. Who knew no one goes to the laundry mat in the daytime?

Throughout the day we learned a lot from paying it forward. We met some people who were so excited they immediately passed it on. We met others who refused to even take our flowers. You see, kindness isn’t as common as it needs to be. Many people we approached sat patiently waiting for a hidden agenda, a “reason” it was free. One lady we approached looked completely bewildered and asked several times, “Why is this happening?”. Our response was simply, “Because it’s Thursday and it’s a pretty great day to be alive”. We hope this serves as a reminder to make kindness common. After all, we are made of love, might as well share it.

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