Raising Your Vibration

What on earth is vibrational energy? You might notice people who identify as spiritual walk around talking about vibrational energy and how it is so vital to raise not only our personal vibrations but the vibrations of the world around us.  The more spiritual I became the more I realized I was nodding and smiling a lot talking to my fellow Light Workers. (Light Worker is a term used to describe anyone who is dedicated to helping themselves and others live happier, healthier, lives full of awareness and peace).  I had no freaking clue what they were talking about half the time, I knew what I knew from my excessive binge reading but in general conversation I would find myself getting a little lost.  So incase you are new to all of this new age jazz, I threw together a quick and easy explanation of why this is SOOO important!

 Wait - I’m made out of energy?

 EVERYTHING is made of vibrational energy: the car, the table, plants, animals and even people! Someone once described the human body to me as a “meat suit” with our energetic beings placed delicately inside. As much as I appreciate the beautiful imagery of that analogy, I couldn’t help to better compare it to the movie Avatar. Our energetic beings are controlling the “machine” we have been placed in to live, to feel, to move, and love. All of our energies are different and vibrate differently. The world around us typically matches our vibrational level which is why it is vital to raise your vibration to live a life you want and deserve! Contrary to popular belief, we are allowed, able, and deserving of creating Heaven on earth – we don’t have to live in a “hell” state. But within doing that we have to really truly understand our own power. Each thought we think and with each action we take emits vibrational frequencies out to the universe. And the Universe? It has its own frequency, which here in America is a little low at the moment. Why is that? Well, we are becoming/are  a fear based nation. Afraid to move and catch a disease or afraid to get on a plane due to terrorist attacks. Afraid of the government, the people around us, to let our children play outside, or sometimes to meet new people. Vibration thrives on light energy, and light is simply LOVE. Vibration drops rapidly when fear is presented. I always say that I don’t believe in the Devil as an entity, although I do believe there is lower energy in the universe, I believe that low energy is just a state of fear and that anyone can choose to move out of fear into light and love. Living in love is simply a reminder to treat ourselves with care, others with gentleness and compassion, and the world around us with love and kindness.

 The argument:

 A friend messaged me the other day and said Nichole, you’ve gotten a little “woo woo” on me, don’t you think this stuff is a little far-fetched. I smiled. My favorite thing is skepticism. That sounds silly but it's always my chance to make that challenge or at least present the way I view the world. Humans have a really hard time believing in things that they cannot see, feel, taste, touch. Hence the argument over God or a higher power or what happens in the afterlife. Did you know that until the microscope was invented to detect tiny little bacteria no one believed that they existed?! We also thought the world was flat. Up until the Fourth edition of the DSM (a Mental health manual for physicians and therapists) being gay was included as a mental illness. My point? We are wrong…a lot. The more we grow, the more we know. But sometimes that takes trusting in what feels right and giving it a go! The other really cool thing for all your scientific brains out there, vibrational energy can be measured! It is scientifically proven that energy is everywhere including full studies of our auric space (the energetic fields surrounding our bodies). Furthermore, studies have shown that thoughts do emit energetic frequencies and one of my favorite studies that explains how our hearts can emit frequencies that radiate to minimally 1K away.

 What does it look like to have a low vibration?

Miserable. It looks purely miserable. It looks a lot like depression and anxiety. It looks like being completely unhappy with every facet of your life. It looks like powerlessness and an absence of hope. It looks like self-doubt and low self-worth. Keeping in mind of who you let into your life is important. Other people can drain our energy, even people we love and care about.  Receiving bad news, hitting roadblocks, too much stimuli, over thinking, not getting enough time to yourself can all lower your vibration. Lower vibrations often lead to a helpless feeling of not being able to overcome your challenges and see them in a helpful light.

What can raising your vibration do?

  • Cure/significantly improve anxiety and/or depression

  • Bring wonderous magic into your lives

  • Allow you to feel more stable, creative, and powerful

  • Provide hope and excitement

  • Feeling more connected and intuitive

  • Feeling more positive and attracting positive things into your life

  • Here’s the big one: If we are all actively raising our individual vibrations, we will essentially raise the vibration of the world around us. This could mean elimination or lessening of “negative” karmic events including war, unnecessary violence, and long-standing fear based depressions or anxieties.

    **There is NO limit of the positive things that can come from raising your vibration, this is just the beginning.

 Ok – I’m in. How do I do it?

 Here’s a list of ways to raise your vibration today: 

  1. Singing or chanting. We are instantly raising our vibration when we are singing or chanting mantras. Singing provides a soulful connection and often connects us quickly and effortlessly with our inner light J

  2. Meditation. Shut your brain off or let it wander into a hopeful dreamy place temporarily. Quieting our mind allows neural connections to connect quicker and more effectively allowing us to problem solve. Meditation also separates us from worries and allows us to reconnect with our pure divine energy.

  3. Healthy exercising, yoga, or running. Flowing energy through your body releasing blocks and receiving new fresh energy is a huge help. Also the deep breathing inspired by hard physical work allows your cells to renew with fresh oxygen reviving every piece of your body. Cue the releasing of endorphins – a pleasure chemical that radiates through your body increasing happiness.

  4. Spontaneous dance parties. What is more fun in life? I really can’t think of anything. Allowing your body to move purely with music, stepping out of your inhibited shell, and being fully present in the moment is an absolute ideal way to raise your vibration. You will probably have a few laughs along the way – if your dance moves are as sweet as mine.

  5. Speaking of laughing. Watching funny movies, videos, listening to someone tell jokes, or making jokes your self will raise your vibration. Simply the notion of smiling releases signals to your brain telling your body you are happy.

  6. Playing make believe. If you said that make believe is for kids – you might need to raise your vibration ;) . Daydream, create vision boards, anything that gets you ready and excited for your future. We are often trained to “be realistic” which dampens our vibration because the truth is, realism is whatever you create it to be.

  7. Gratitude. Saying thank you, writing a thank you note or even stopping to appreciate the world around you. For example, if you are stuck in line at the grocery store you might be thankful it was in the candy isle or that you are in the line closest to the flower shop to admire the beauty of a fresh bouquet.

  8. Eating healthy – I’m still working on this one, but drinking plenty of water and filling your body with natural energy from plants, fruits, and veggies can do wonders for your vibrational levels.

  9. Changing your thoughts. Simple things as healthy self-talk and recognizing when your thoughts are unhealthy can do wonders for increasing your natural energy.

  10. Turn off that damn TV. And the phone. And the iPad. And the video games. Seriously. Shut it off. You are wasting your life. I mean watching the occasional episode of Orange is the New Black might not be a crime, but don’t leave the news on all day or waste your time that you could be connecting with others staring at a screen. Stop sleep walking people. Remember that fear we were talking about earlier? Half of that fear comes from the media.

  11. Doing kind deeds or spreading kindness. What a great way to raise your vibration by doing something nice for someone else. My other blog talked about this in more detail, but this will really be the way to raise the world's vibration the quickest, it feels good to give and good to receive. Everybody wins!

  12. Connecting with others. Sharing stories, making full eye contact, being in the present moment are all ways to not only feel better and less alone but to also give yourself a real honest chance to love and be loved.

  13. Get out in nature. Go for a walk. Enjoy the way the wind moves through the trees. Watch the animals draw in and out with the business of their work. I always feel refreshed and revived in nature.

  14. Get creative! Whip out that pen and write something, draw, paint, make music - whatever your creative drug of choice is, utilize it. Creativity is drawn from intuitive processes and with higher vibrations the more creative you will be, but you can start anywhere!  

  15. Utilizing the Law of Attraction! Law of attraction is a theory that connects energy with our thoughts and understanding that “like attracts like”. Basically what you think is what you get!

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