Soul Therapy  $85 *online/phone service available

Soul Therapy is Clarity's version of Intuitive Life Coaching and the recommended service if you aren't sure where to start!  Soul therapy is a powerful experience, helping you to work towards achieving your fullest potential through some techniques that incorporate traditional life coaching mixed with intuitive guidance, connecting your with your own intuition, energy work, healing through visualization, learning to tap into your higher self, spiritual development, or whatever seems to best fit your individual needs.  Take your growth to the next level and come back into alignment with who you are truly meant to be. This type of experience is best suited for those who are looking to grow, understand themselves, and identify/work towards goals.  This service is not treatment and is not billable by health insurance. Session package deals are available per request. Sessions available over video conferencing as well.   book soul therapy

Hypnosis $85  *online service available 

Ready for a change?  Hypnosis helps people to achieve positive change, making it easier for people to follow-through and to maintain the change.  

Hypnosis is a deeply focused state that assists our unconscious mind to create the changes we desire. It allows us to access our own helpful internal resources and can result in rapid change or relief from problematic symptoms. Hypnosis does not involve being "controlled" or losing awareness. It is a completely natural state. In fact, we all experiences a hypnotic state several times during a typical day. Hypnosis is proven to be helpful with many different issues, such as decreasing stress/anxiety, improved self esteem, finding your drive/motivation, improved self-care, chronic pain, faster healing following surgery, smoking cessation, weight-loss, healthier eating, tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, phobias, stress reduction, cancer-related pain, sports performance and more. If you have questions about whether or not hypnosis could be helpful to you, please contact us. Available in person or online! book hypnosis

Angelic Energy Reset $85  *online service available 

A combination of Reiki healing combined with other energy healing modalities.  Provides the mind, body, and soul with energy clearing and balancing.  Includes an energy assessment and energy clearing/balancing. book angelic reset

Psychic Soul Reading $85  *phone service available

This ain't your mother's psychic reading. What can we do with information from the otherside? LOTS of things, but whats most important is to truly get in touch with who YOU are. Who are you and who were you meant to be? Get information about your true essence, understand blocks that you are experiencing, gain a better understanding of who you are and your life path for the purpose with intention of healing and understanding, not entertainment. This type of reading is a considered a joint process with the practitioner and client to get the most out of your time together. May include psychic information, information from your guides/angels, and even mediumship which would include information from loved ones who have passed on. 

* In accordance with NYS laws, psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only   book psychic reading

Clarity Squared Reading $150

 *online/phone service available

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an individual reading with TWO Psychics? Your wishes have been granted. Spend an hour with two psychic mediums receiving messages from Spirit with intention of love, light, and healing. Nichole and Christy's different styles compliment one another to provide a reading unlike any other. book psychic reading clarity

Past Life Regression $125

Utilizing techniques of hypnotherapy and guided meditation to allow you to go into your subconscious and access lives you have lived previously, in between lives, gain an ability to view your current life from a different point of view, and/or projections of your future life. Past life regression is safe and often allows the client to release blocks that have been integrated through cell memory from past lives. These may include but are not limited to relationship issues, anxiety, phobias, self esteem, depression, and many more.   book past life regression

Intuition Development $85

Working with a certified medium to develop your own inner psychic skills. Psychic is a Greek word that simply means "from the soul", everyone has the ability to tap into their own soul to begin living in their greatest and highest good. Are you constantly having predictive dreams or just seem to "know" things? Do you sense that you are surrounded by loved ones who have passed on? Do you absorb energy of others, know when someone is upset, hurt, scared, or angry without them telling you? This is chance to transform your life in a very unique and special way.   book psychic intuition training

Tarot/Aura Reading $85

This service is both a Tarot card reading and an Auragraph (a drawing and interpretation of the energetic field that surrounds you). Providing guidance using tarot cards and intuitive connection.  Sessions can focus on specific questions or overall guidance on your greatest and best good.   book tarot aura psychic reading

Hypnohealing $85

This is a powerful experience that sets the intention for a healing process while in the state of hypnosis.   Client is directed to the astral plane to allow for a healing process while simultaneously experiencing energy healing.  Healing can be physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. book hypnosis healing