About Soul Therapy 

Your soul is calling for something!
Are you feeling drawn to make some positive changes in your life?

Do you need help connecting to your light, your purpose, and your best life path?

Are you looking for Clarity?

Soul Therapy, our intuitively-guided life-coaching process takes you on a journey for finding your strengths, your power, your best life path, your intuitive gifts, and your highest potential.

While every individual session and experience is unique, here are some examples of what you may experience as part of the process:

  • A goal-oriented approach to explore what changes you'd like to make and steps to get you there
  • An intuitive reading and explanation of your energy field, messages from your spirit guides, Angels, higher self, etc
  • Energy work to help you to release old stuck energy, fill you with energy you need, and bring balance back into your energy field 
  • Intuition development to help you to connect to the guidance of your soul
  • Other techniques and tools as determined appropriate for your process such as: 
    • Hypnosis to create change or release habits
    • Coaching on the use of crystals and other natural resources to balance your unique energetic field
    • Tarot readings to address specific questions or to provide additional clarity

This type of experience is best suited for those who are looking to grow, understand themselves, and identify/work towards goals.  This service is not treatment and is not billable by health insurance. Session package deals are available per request. Sessions available via video conferencing, phone, or in person if you are local to our Elmira, NY office location.  

Session fee is $85 for a 50book soul therapy-minute session.  This is our recommended service for first time clients.  

Other Services

Hypnosis $85

Ready for a change?  Hypnosis helps people to achieve positive change, making it easier for people to follow-through and to maintain the change.  Hypnosis is a deeply focused state that assists our unconscious mind to create the changes we desire. It allows us to access our own helpful internal resources and can result in rapid change or relief from problematic symptoms. Sessions are 50 minutes.  

Past Life Regression $150

Utilizing techniques of hypnotherapy and guided meditation to allow you to go into your subconscious and access lives you have lived previously, in between lives, gain an ability to view your current life from a different point of view, and/or projections of your future life. 

Angelic Energy Reset $85

Get your energy field back into balance with a little help from the angels and angelic healing techniques.  This is a hands on energy session that addresses clearing and balancing for the mind, body, and soul! Based on individual needs, this is a combination of Angelic energy, Integrative Energy Therapy, Quantum healing techniques, and Reiki.  Distance or in-person sessions available.  Sessions are 50 minutes.  

Tarot and Aura Reading $85

This service is both a Tarot and Aura reading (an interpretation of the energetic field that surrounds you). Providing guidance using tarot cards and intuitive connection.  Sessions can focus on specific questions or overall guidance on your greatest and best good.  Readings are 40-45 minutes.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that in order for me to best serve my clients, 24 hour notice for a cancellation is required. A full session fee will be charged for any missed appointments or appointments cancelled without giving the 24 hour notice.