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Meet Nichole Eaton: Clarity Connects 2019 Speaker

Nichole Eaton
Soul Therapist
Author, Rock Your Soul

Topic: Thank You, Next: Leveling Up Your Life

We all have awareness when something needs to change, but change can be daunting. Fear keeps us playing small and settling into a life we are less than excited about. What does it look like to make a big leap to change your life? How do you do that with grace, ease, and trust? Nichole will walk you through how to know when its time to change and how to not lose your mind while changing your life.

Nichole Eaton is the author of Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind and soul therapist. Nichole brings dynamic transformation to her clients, helping them reconnect with their power, with her unique style that interweaves her experiences as both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and an Intuitive. Nichole has a true passion for helping others find their purpose, break through blocks and barriers, and bring back their inner sparkle. She is a teacher, speaker, and powerhouse.


Connect with Nichole:
Instagram: @nicholeeaton.xo
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