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Meet McLean Taylor: Clarity Connects 2019 Speaker

McLean Taylor
Best-selling Author; Entrepreneur; Breakthrough Mentor

Topic: Breakthrough With Emotional Connection

People don't make decisions logically. They make them emotionally. And when a person's emotions are painful enough during the events of life, they disconnect from those emotions - stopping their ability to make new decisions. This is when people say "I'm stuck". McLean will be addressing the key reasons why we get "stuck" in life, and how to bounce back from it like a boss.

McLean A Taylor is a badass. With an undying passion to MOVE in life, he started out as a breakdancer - dancing at Utah Jazz halftime shows, Hope of America, and America's Got Talent. But after his divorce, it felt like part of him died with the marriage. But that spirit of MOVEMENT told him to get back up and change his life. Now he is a best selling author, a rockstar speaker, and a results proven life coach - here to help us overcome life's hardest moments.  McLean has founded The Breakthrough Revolution, providing services as a Breakthrough Mentor.

Check Out McLean and our other amazing speakers at our Clarity Connects Motivational Speaking Event on March 2, 2019 at the Elmira Heights Theatre.

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Connect with McLean Taylor:

Phone: 801-995-8523