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Meet Kristin Doyle: Clarity Connects 2019 Speaker

Kristin Doyle
Senior Account Coordinator; Philanthropist; Harry Potter Enthusiast

Topic: Seriously?! Keeping It Together When Everything is Falling Apart

Following an unimaginable and completely unexpected act of violence, Kristin Doyle found her life changed in an instant.  As it seemed like everyone and everything around her was falling apart, Kristin quickly found that she had to create a solid foundation of strength and stability under herself.  She will share her challenges and lessons in the face of unimaginable circumstances and addictions issues within the family.  

Kristin Doyle, coming to us from Philadelphia, PA, has dedicated herself to helping others.  As a philanthropist within her community, she participates in many fund-raising events.  Following life-changing circumstances and the calling of her soul, she stepped away from her work as a teacher.  She is currently a Senior Account Coordinator at JoFit which sells women’s athletic and leisure wear. 

Check out Kristin and our other amazing speakers at our Clarity Connects Motivational Speaking event on March 2, 2019 at the Elmira Heights Theatre. 

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