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Magical YOU: A Day of Magical Connection


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Join Christy Forsyth of Clarity for a day of magic, connection, and learning! 


10:00-4:00 PM 

Located in the conference room on the first floor of the Strathmont Building (downstairs from the Clarity office)

Christy loves to empower people, helping to connect them with the magic that exists within this world and within ourselves! This day will focus on helping you to do just that! 

We will touch on several topics including:

*Raising your vibration

* Recognizing magical signs and synchronicities in your world

* Connecting With Your Spirit team of guides, Angels, animals, Elementals, etc. 

* Using the Law of Attraction to create your reality

* Understanding and balancing your Energy

* Tools for a more magical life such as crystals 

Class price is $99 for the whole day. There will be a lunch break and lunch is on your own. Reserve your seat today as class size is limited! Register by adding this item to your cart and purchasing it :) 

*Please note that preregistration is required and all class sales are considered to be final and your commitment to attend.