• Life, On Purpose!

Life, On Purpose!


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STARTING SOON!  This is going to be a life-changing journey! This course program will be held online!  Catch the live videos or the replay!  Support community with regular support and additional resources is included! Join me!  

Here's what you get:

Module 1: Connecting to your intuition and your intuitive style

So you can: Make soul-directed decisions for living your best life and creating a purposeful business. ($1000 Value)

Module 2: Creating a “high vibe” life

So you can: Create harmony for the mind, body, and soul and create an energetic magnet for the clients of your dreams! ($1000 Value)

Module 3: Identify your life’s purpose and gifts

So you can: Understand your soul’s mission here on earth and use it to create the soul-aligned business of your dreams! ($3000 Value)

Module 4: Create your vision for your soul-aligned business

So you can: Develop a structure and intentions around your soul-aligned business ($1000 Value)

Module 5: Faith and Flow

So you can: Create ease and feel supported as you learn to let the universe do the work for you! ($  3000  Value)

Module 6: Co-creating with the Universe

So you can: Manifest abundance, opportunities, and the business of your dreams! ($1000 Value)

Module 7: Tackling your inner critic and slaying your fear dragons

So you can:     learn tools and strategies for mastering your mind and fear.  This allows you to create a more positive vision of yourself and your ability to be successful in creating your soul-aligned business!($ 3000 Value)

Module 8: Bringing it all together: Creating a momentum for your soul-aligned business

So you can:     Create a successful energy around your business to get the kinds of clients and results you desire! ($ 2000  Value)