How to Find Freedom

There’s an air of defeat circulating in our current time and circumstances. A darkness that’s swept over us, looming in fear and stagnation. We are all deer in head lights, staring dead in the face of the future that appears uncertain at the moment. It’s easy to get buried in judgement and defensiveness. Its easy to let fear do its job and completely quick sand you down into hopelessness.

But I want you to refuse. I want you to choose love over fear and freedom over judgment.

Every big change, starts with you. Whether it’s a change in a relationship or a change in a community or nation, it begins and ends with your capacity to be at your best. I’m constantly reminding people that one small act of kindness can create a ripple in the water. One person at their best, can truly shake a city. Good vibes are contagious, just as much as the bad ones are.

The opposite of freedom is judgment. Judgment is as simple as a thought that outcasts you or another person. That makes you more or less special than someone, that separates and divides. Judgment is a box. It’s a planted seed for hell. It roots into your experience and wraps around you tying you to the ground. It is the pain of dis-ease that throws us out of alignment. Dis-ease in the way we think, in the way we view the world. Our prisons are mental. And the first step to freedom is to recognize what we are thinking, to grow conscious awareness around if we ourselves, our fueling the fire or extinguishing it. 

Freedom as a nation, starts with freedom of the mind. It starts with eliminating black and white thinking. The thinking that decides this is bad and this is good. Perceptually speaking, there is no real reality, only the ones we create in our heads based on our own experiences and what we have been told. We choose. We always choose. And we can choose better. We can choose love and light over fear and dismay. We can choose kindness over protection. We can release our defensiveness and our chronic need to defend our point to simply LISTEN. It appears we have forgotten the art of listening without the need to respond.

Here's the thing, that cloud of darkness isn’t going to leave. It can’t. It can’t until it begins to leave each and every one of us. It’s not a matter of ignoring what is happening. It’s a matter of doing what YOU can to eliminate thoughts and acts of judgment. When a judgment thought shows up, that something is right or wrong that someone is good or bad, we choose to forgive ourselves. Sometimes the biggest peace that we can create is the love and acceptance of ourselves. It’s hard to accept others, to honor and love others with different view points, when we cannot honor and love ourselves. We can choose to extend love through us, forgive ourselves and forgive others. We are all doing our best here.

So, you want to find freedom? Speak kindly. Listen well. Decide what you look like at your best and strive for that daily. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Choose hope. Choose faith. Choose light. And most of all choose love. Every moment is a choice and no pressure but, it’s on you. It’s on us. As individuals, as a community, as a nation, we can do MUCH better than this.

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