Gifting your Presence for the Holidays|Soul Therapy|Clarity

           How clever is this title? So clever. Get it. It’s like Presents…gifts…Get it?

High five to technology for incessantly pulling us out of the present moment. Have you ever gone to dinner with someone who was on their phone the entire time and then you have to entertain yourself by making an origami swan out of a napkin? It’s unfortunately more common to be not in the moment, than it is to be in it. You’ll notice when you are in the moment because you will feel engaged, connected, and lit up. You may even lose a sense of time.

So in a world of distraction how do you get the best gifts? You gift yourself. Your full attention, which in this day and age has become a rare commodity. You gift yourself and the person in front of you your full connection. Put away your technology. Turn it off. Stuff it in a zipped pocket. And focus. The biggest thing we can do for others is great people with an open ear and open heart. When we do this we give them our love, attention, and in that they feel truly seen and heard.

Bring yourself into the present moment by:

1. Truly listening. 
Be fully attentive to what the other person is saying. Listen without intention of responding.

2. Noticing and appreciating the little things around you.
Appreciate the décor of the place you are intending. Compliment the person in front of you by noticing what it is you appreciate about them.

3. Bring your senses into it.
The quickest way to get out of your head is to get into your body. Bring your focus to the moment by feeling into the chair and where it sits on your back. Feel the warmth of the coffee as it comes down your throat. Smell the winter air or the sweet holiday aromas.

4. Create conscious intention and awareness.
Once you decide this is what you’d like to do. Just create awareness if you start to drift out of the moment to pull yourself back in. Often times when we set our intention we are more easily able to follow through with it.

We are wishing you and yours, a wonderful holiday with lots and lots of presence (and presents…hey, we like gifts too!).