• Finding Your Magic: An Online Group Life Coaching Experience

Finding Your Magic: An Online Group Life Coaching Experience


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This online group experience is for anyone who is ready to LEVEL UP in their lives!  If your soul is calling for you to feel more deeply connected to your intuition, yourself, and your best life path, this is the group coaching experience for you!  Join Christy Forsyth for an intuitive journey into finding your own personal power and changing your life. 

Christy calls herself a Soul Therapist, bringing together her gifts as an intuitive, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  This course takes the basic intention behind Soul Therapy, helping you achieve your highest potential, and offers it in a group learning format.  

In this course you will learn to connect with your intuition, that guidance system we all have been provided with to help guide our best life path.  We will explore our spiritual selves and how to foster a connection with our personal faith.  We will take a look at self talk and how we might begin to view ourselves a little bit more magically!  This class will acknowledge the impact that energy can have on our lives and our well-being.  We will explore what changes your soul is guiding you to make in your life and create a plan for taking action on this!  Each and every class will have opportunities to connect with your intuitive messages and homework to allow for work outside of the class!  The homework and a full commitment to the program is what will allow for the greatest progress and shift!

This course is offered via a Facebook group and will include live videos that can be accessed at any time, whether you join them for a live discussion or afterwards.  All videos will be available for replay after the class.  There will also be supplements shared within the group to support the class such as homework assignments, guided meditations, and posts within the group. 

This group coaching experience is only $111

Here an overview of what you can expec

January 16, 2019

Week 1: Connecting to your intuition and finding the magic in this world 

-Exploring your intuitive style 

-Connecting to your higher self and higher power

- Recognizing and interpreting signs and synchronicities

January 23, 2019

Week 2: The Energy of Fear v. the energy of Love

- The importance of our thoughts and language in creating our world

- Concepts for inviting in the energy of love

- Challenging and talking back to your fears

- Goal and intention setting

January 30, 2019

Week 3: Finding Your Inner Magic

- Finding a deeper connection with Self Love

- Further exploring your gifts

- Connecting to Universal Love

- Increasing self care

February 5, 2019

Week 4: Finding Better Thoughts

- Identifying and challenging thoughts that do not serve you

- Finding better feeling thoughts

- The manifestation of your best life through focussed thought and intention

February 13, 2019

Week 5: Deepening Your Connection With Your Faith

- Deepening your trust in your higher power

- Working more closely with your angels, guides, and higher self

- Leaps of faith 

February 20, 2019

Week 6: Living a High Vibe Life

- Raising your vibration

- Balancing and managing your energy field 

- Intentions for moving forward

This Class is offered online via Facebook.  You will be invited to join the group following your registration here!