Filling Up the Candy Dish

About a month ago, Christy and I lost a good friend of ours and her husband to a motorcycle accident. Her name was Anne. Death makes me weird. I don't think that I'm alone in that. I feel like everyone was weird for a little while following the tragic news. Death is an in your face way of saying "You better get your shit together" and "Is this really what you want to be doing if today were your last?" Talk about a wake up call and time for reflection.

I'm also swooned with a daily reminder to live life to its fullest in my mediumship work, as I communicate with Spirits on the other side of their deepest regrets, the words they didn't say, and the dreams that they didn't accomplish.

"What are you going to leave behind?' is the big question. For us, we will remember Anne for a very simple act of kindness. Every Tuesday Anne would fill up the candy dish in our office. As a woman who was watching her figure she never touched any of it, but would specifically stop at the store on the way to make sure it was full. I can't tell you how many times I told her what a life saver she was simply for providing some chocolate on a rough day.

Here's what it breaks down to...its the little things. It's holding the door open for someone so it doesn't slam in their face. It's letting the person who has 2 items compared to your 50 step in line ahead of you at the store. It's a thoughtful card or a text that lets someone know you were in their thoughts. Although, tipping the waitress $500 is incredible, you don't have to be wealthy to raise the vibration of the world around you. Giving back doesn't necessarily include money. Happiness is contagious and so is giving. Giving makes us altruistically feel great, and receiving encourages us to experience gratitude Turns out this theory is grounded in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology which noted that even simply READING about random acts of kindness can raise our mood and moral vibrations which inspire us to partake in the act too!

So take a moment today to be thoughtful and loving to the world around you. Make eye contact with a perfect stranger. This divided, over technologized world needs your help in finding the unity that reminds us we are not alone. I'll let you in on a really big secret - We are all in this together.

Here are some simple ones to get you started, found on

- Open the door for someone

- Volunteer your time

- Help a friend move

- Put extra change in the vending machine

- Write thank you notes or shoot a thankful text

- Leave inspirational notes inside of your library books as you return them

- Put something you no longer need on craigslist for free

- Pick some wildflowers and take them to a hospital/nursing home for someone who hasn't had many visitors

- Write letters of appreciation to people or organizations in the community

- Offer to take a picture of  tourists or families going for the "selfie" approach

- Smile!

- Pick up trash or wrappers that others have carelessly left

- Hand out compliments - find the strength in others!

- Fill up the work candy dish <3

These are only a few! There are about a million more you are well equipped to get started! It's completely and totally up to us to make this world a place we actually want to live in and it starts with each and every one of us!