Ditching Perfectionism and Reclaiming Your Joy for the Holidays|Soul Therapy|Clarity

We get it; the pressure is on to make the holidays magical, especially if you are a parent or maybe the glue of the family that hosts the parties or makes the meals. You want it to be special. But perfectionism during the holidays is the killer of all the joyful things. It is impossible to enjoy the moment and even company, when you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off making sure every detail is in its place.

Let’s take a moment to own the fact that perfectionism is unrealistic. We love Pinterest, too. We are all peeking in on everyone else's fancy holiday parties via social media. What a lovely tree. How nicely did they set that table? OMG did you see the place cards? They have little snow men! But our high expectations of external perfection do not typically add to or positively impact what we all truly desire at the holidays: ease, fun, and connection.

So in effort to reclaim your holiday, I put together a little list to help you ditch your perfectionistic, joy-killing ways: 

Reclaim your joy:

1. Embrace the moment. 
Finding ways to bring yourself into the moment. For example, refocusing your energy on the conversation, instead of revisiting your to do list while people talk. Allow the pressure to disappear by acknowledging that sometimes things get messed up and they often make for hilarious stories to tell your friends in the future.
2. Ask for help.
It is not all up to you to make this event happen. Ask for help and delegate. Ok so, Uncle Frank might not do as great as you do on the paper mache’ snow flakes, but including others in the process can be just as special as doing it for them. People want to be a part of something. This also means that you have to let go of the idea of it looking a certain way. Relinquish control and let your family surprise you!
3. Decide what’s important.
One year for the holidays, I bought all of these items to create DIY table centerpieces. At the end of the day, everyone had moved them out of the way because they were tall and blocking eye contact. They were gorgeous but totally unnecessary and I had waste at least 10-20 minutes PER centerpiece. Decide what things are necessary and see what you can eliminate. Perfect is in the eye of the beholder. Or something like that.

So here’s to sharing your special holidays with loved ones. Reminding your self that above all connection is the key to joy. Go easy on yourself this holiday. Delete the Pinterest app, forget the centerpieces, and learn to embrace each and every great or flawed moment.