Clarity Connects Speaker: Jarin Kenyon

Clarity Connects Speaker
Jarin Kenyon
Certified Life Coach
Manifestation Teacher
Personal Trainer

Manifesting at the Speed of Light

We all carry the innate ability to create and experience all we dream of in life. We simply need to remember our power. The time is now! Jarin will tell us how to transform our lives very quickly and easily through the act of manifesting our desires. He will share with you small changes to create your most successful and fulfilled life.

Jarin Kenyon is a Certified Life Coach and Manifestation Teacher. He has a Bachelor’s Degree is Kinesiology. He uses ancient wisdom and new thought teachings to help people discover their life’s purpose and achieve their dreams. He offers classes and workshops educating on universal principles and human potential. Private sessions available in person or via Skype/Phone.

Contact information for Jarin:
Jarin Kenyon: 424-289-5044