Clarity Connects Event Featured Musician: CC Ryder

 Join us for our Clarity Connects annual motivational speaking event on 2/20/16 at the Elmira Heights Theatre at 10 AM. Tickets on Sale Now! Only $25!

Along with our talented motivational speakers, Clarity Connects will be featuring music by the talented CC Ryder!   

Clarity Connects Presents:

Music by CC Ryder



CC Ryder Picture.jpg


Live Musical Performance by CC Ryder! 

Originally from Waterloo, NY. CC Ryder, is a solo acoustic, Singer/ Songwriter. CC has been blowing people away with her captivating lyrics & mesmerizing voice. All ages alike, love CC. New to the scene since January 2015, CC has been a featured artist for Owego Art Walk, Ladies Choice & No Chord Attached at Originals bar & lounge, Womens Right to Rock, Wizfest, Damn Sam Harvest Festival, Waverly Storefront Theatre and lots of non-profit fundraisers.



About Clarity Connects:  

Clarity Connects is Clarity's second annual motivational speaking event! It is a series of uplifting, heart-felt, brief motivational speeches designed to help those in attendance to achieve their highest potential on their journey of well-being, healing, growth, and spiritual development. It is about connecting people with who they really are, inspiring, motivating, and providing an opportunity for healing and hope. 

One of our favorite components of the event is that Clarity Connects Gives Back! A large portion of our proceeds from Clarity Connects events goes right back into the community for our Acts of Connection Initiative. These are small acts of kindness in the community designed to remind people of the inherent kindness and supportiveness that exists within all of us. We encourage all who experience an Act of Connection to "pay it forward," allowing us to reach and connect the community even further. 

Advance tickets are on sale now for $25!

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