Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Nichole Eaton

Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Bio: Nichole Eaton 
Co-Owner of Clarity
Soul Therapist and Intuit  
Defy Your Limits, Upgrade Your Life

What if living the life of your dreams starts with understanding that you are the only thing in your way. Hang with Nichole as she shares experiences and stories that will help you understand that you have the power to change your mind and your life. 

Co-Owner of Clarity, Nichole Eaton, brings dynamic transformation to her clients with her unique style that interweaves her experiences as both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and an intuitive. Nichole has a true passion for helping others find their purpose, break through blocks and barriers, and bring back their inner sparkle. Nichole is a teacher of all things mindset and spirituality, speak, and soon to be author.

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