Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Missy Knowles

Clarity Connects Speaker Bio: Missy Knowles

Go To Your Happy Place and Stay There

Missy takes you on her personal journey of self love. Sharing trials and triumphs of combatting negative self talk to learn to love and accept herself, and the process of learning to maintain a healthy body image. She will share tips and tricks on how she went from measuring her life in pounds and hiding from the photographer, to the metamorphosis of becoming a triathlon athlete and learning to truly accept herself. She is a bringer of light and positivity and will help our audience overcome the bully in their heads and appreciate themselves at any shape or size.

Missy is a not for profit worker, athlete, and amateur chef. She is an adoptive mother of four young adults and grandmother to a six-year-old little boy. Missy is a contagiously energetic and curious spirit, who is a life-long learner and experiencer.

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