Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Michael Marcial

Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Bio: Michael Marcial
Founder of the 5-Figure Workweek and Online Course Coach
International Professional Motivational Speaker
"Regular Dude"
The Double Funnel Methodology of Life
After hitting a true low point in his life where Michael stopped working, socializing, and ended up living in his car, he made it his mission to be successful after some wise words from his 5 year old Daughter. "Daddy, you just need to have more money so you can have a house so we can be together at night." After that moment, Michael kicked his life into high gear, making $5K in the next 7 days. He learned that you must refine who you really are to allow your life and business to flourish. Michael encourages people to not only share their own stories but to understand that anything is possible.

As an international Speaker, Michael shares his message and success story to encourage others to do the same. He also runs a successful Online Course Coaching business and supports a community of entrepreneurs helping them improve their marketing and online presence.

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