Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Martha Hornby

Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Bio: Martha Hornby
Authenticity Coach
Tour Guide to the Heart  
The Things We Carry Weigh Us Down

We carry feelings of shame, guilt, and question our current value as humans based on things we have experienced in the past. The things we carry often influence our choices and lead us to unhappiness. Martha will share her story of carrying shame and fear, leading to multiple divorces and a feeling she was never enough. The light at the end of the tunnel was to be fully honest about the things she carried, sit with them, and say goodbye. She will share with you her story of finding grace, forgiveness, and letting go!  

Martha has survived and learned to thrive in spite of a trauma and abuse history that many would find to be unbelievable. She has been on a beautiful journey to overcome these life experiences.  She is a single mother who works for a non-profit. She is an authenticity coach in her own practice called Presence is My Purpose.  

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