Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker Ebony Tutora

Clarity Connects Speaker Bio: Ebony Tutora
Certified Life Business Coach and Queen 
Founder of Queens Recognize Queens® 
Finding Purpose In Your Story

Rising from a history of foster care, traumatic childhood experience, rape, and domestic violence, Ebony quickly learned how to be the champion of her own story. Through queen-like mentors, she quickly turned her pain into passion, vowing to help women learn to love themselves, break limiting beliefs, and tap into the power of self-love. She helps curate the confidence of her clients to make sure they stand for nothing less than being treated like a queen.

Ebony is a Life Business Coach and Queen and the founder of Queens Recognize Queens®. She is a powerhouse of love, creativity, and will power. She is an enthusiast of all things pretty and a lover of good vibes. Ebony hosts workshops, classes, and events that help women reach their highest confidence and potential.

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