Clarity Connects 2018 Speaker McLean Taylor

Clarity Connects Speaker Bio: McLean Taylor
The Anti-Guru, Best Selling Author,
Founder of The Breakthrough Revolution

From Failure to Rebellion

Following a series of confusing and life-changing circumstances, McLean found himself feeling lost and angry with God! His experiences led him to create profound changes in the way he responded to the situation.  He will share his story of transformation along with his approaches for shifting his own mindset and actions.  He will present his ideas for allowing failure to be your teacher on the path to becoming your highest and best self! 

McLean is the best selling co-author of the book, “Limitless.”  He is the owner and CEO of The Breakthrough Revolution through which he provides coaching to help people to “break through” their deepest fears and limiting beliefs.  It is his intention to help over one million people before the age of 32.  He is currently 27 years old

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