Clarity Connects 2017 Speaker: Nichole Eaton

Clarity Connects Speaker
Nichole Eaton
Co-Owner of Clarity, Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
Soul Reader and Dreamer

Growing Pains
Pain is part of the human experience and the best way to deal with pain is to understand it’s purpose as a catalyst of change. Through life lessons and psychological theories Nichole will share with you how to use pain wisely and consciously to fuel you in the direction of your highest good.

Nichole Eaton is the co-owner of Clarity. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Soul Reader with a deep desire to help people reach their highest potential and uncover their personal power. When she’s not busy chasing down her two little girls, she’s reading, writing, and immersing herself in all things spiritual and psychological. Consciousness, love, and heart are at the root of all she does. Nichole offers a wide array of individual services as well as classes.

Contact information for Nichole:
Call or Text Clarity at 607-438-2969