Clarity Connects is a motivational speaking event designed to inspire, motivate, and connect our community to their best selves. We bring in speakers from around the area and beyond to share their personal stories, lessons, and knowledge for your growth. Clarity Connects takes a portion of the proceeds and gives back to the community through random acts of connection. 

Our 5th annual Clarity Connects is March 2, 2019 at 6 pm  at the Elmira Heights Theater. Tickets on sale soon! 


Dr. Billy Chow

Deputy President of the 

Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Carpe Diem: Change Management For Your Life

From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Kimberly Hutsal

Artist, Milliner

Owner, Two Foxes Studios

Topic: Rise, Fall, and Rise Again

From Elmira, NY

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Kristin Doyle

Senior Account Coordinator, 


Harry Potter Enthusiast

Seriously?!?!: Keeping It Together When Everything is Falling Apart

From Philadelphia, PA

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Frank Carcelli

Miss Viola

Professional Drag Queen


Topic: Dragged Out Of The Dark

From Elmira, NY

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Joseph Alton Miller

Award-winning Singer/Songwriter


Heart of a Vagabond

Topic: Climb It To See It

From Asbury Park, New Jersey

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