Changing your Life with Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy brings Traditional Counseling into the 21st century by including a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. Soul Therapy is a powerful tool for helping you connect to your highest self and get out of your own way to live a life you are excited about. Nichole and Christy are both Licensed Mental Health Counselors who have special gifts and intuitive abilities to help cut through the "crap" easier to get to the real issue. We acknowledge both the power of the mind and energetic body and work to get them aligned to who you are meant to be. It's time to move some blocks out of the way and stop living a life on autopilot. Sessions are offered in person as well as via phone or skype.  Book an appointment with us. 

What Can I Expect? 
Soul Therapy might include:

  • Talk Therapy
  • Energetic Reset
  • Hypnosis
  • Spiritual Connections within YOUR belief system
  • Law of Attraction Work
  • Understanding of Energy
  • Psychic or energetic readings

Who Might Benefit from Soul Therapy?
People who are seeking a change in their life
People who are feeling stuck, lost, or feeling off path
People who are sensitive
People who are going through a transition or change or just need help with finding joy in their life
People who want to reach the best version of themselves, or want to learn more about who they inherently are
People who have specific goals they are struggling to reach

What Soul Therapy is NOT:

  • Billable by Health Insurance
  • Is not Mental Health Treatment
  • Does not provide Mental Health Diagnosis
  • Is not designated for individuals with severe mental health disorders

You can set up an appointment with us by filling out a form here or calling/texting us at 607-438-2939. Click here to learn more about Nichole and Christy. 

We look forward to working with you and getting you on your highest path!