Book Review: The Untethered Soul

Review: The Untethered Soul
Michael A. Singer

“Imagine if you used relationships to get to know other people, rather than to satisfy what is blocked inside of you. If you’re not trying to make people fit into your preconceived notions of what you like and dislike, you will find that relationships are not really that difficult. If you’re not so busy judging and resisting people based upon what is blocked inside of you, you will find that they are much easier to get along with—and so are you. Letting go of yourself is the simplest way to get closer to others.” - Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

Let me summarize this whole summary in 5 words: This book is SO good. I actually borrowed it from a good friend and ended up deciding that I didn't want to give it back, so I bought it.  If you are into pondering the psyche, having trouble with thought patterns, or are into universal concepts this book is a MUST READ. This book took me on a thorough journey and understanding of concepts that were deep in understanding that we are not our thoughts, we are the observer and experiencer of our thoughts. If you've ever had your heart hurt and find yourself blocking important relationships this book takes you through the process of closing your heart and how to open it back up. It focuses on the idea of freedom and how the control of our emotional responses can be the gateway to just that! The concepts are based largely out of buddhism.

I admittedly had a tough time getting through the last few chapters. They are full of huge concepts like death and enlightenment that aren’t necessarily on my “to do” list. Although, I do anticipate they will feel more relevant in the future, and it definitely didn't take away from my love of this book.

What I loved about this book:

  • There were so many great analogies that were easy to comprehend and allowed you to easily see and shift your perspective. I felt like I wanted to highlight everything because the wording was just absolutely perfect.
  • The energy of this book is incredibly light and you can feel that sensation of effortlessness by reading it.
  • The chapters are short, so being a busy entrepreneurial momma of 2, it made me feel like a bad ass to get through a full chapter even if it was a quick sit.
  • It gently challenges the way you are thinking about the world and offers a fresh perspective that you are not your body, you are so very much more.

This book is for you:

  • If you are interested in more spiritual reads
  • If you appreciate big concepts broken down into readable, understandable, bite-sized analogies.
  • If you want to stop building walls against people and be more conscious of your focus.
  • If you are looking for mental stimulation and bigger concepts to ponder
  • If you love works of Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle

This book is not for you:

  • If you get overwhelmed with big universal ideas or theories.
  • If you have anxiety about death or dying
  • If you have deep attachment to specific religious beliefs
  • If you need more of a psychological approach rather than spiritual.

Overall, I really do love this book. I think It has so many wonderful thoughts and “a-ha” moments in it. It did lose me a bit towards the end but I have a feeling there will be a time I can come back to that and have it better resonate with me. If you are into spirituality and growing your conscious awareness, and becoming a more loving and kind human, this one is definitely for you.

“People tend to burden themselves with so many choices. But, in the end, you can throw it all away and just make one basic, underlying decision: Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy? It’s really that simple. Once you make that choice, your path through life becomes totally clear.” - Michael A. Singer