A Little Metaphor for your Thursday

As I’m sitting here in my office soothing my heart to some Eluvium on Pandora, looking out my giant window as the sunlight washes in highlighting the soft beachy tones of my new space, I’m filled with so much gratitude. There is something about today that feels pretty perfect. Could it be that Mercury is just about direct? (Insert happy dance here)

This retrograde was tough for me (as are most retrogrades). It came with mass confusion, uncertainty, fear, and disillusionment. It came with plenty of anger, resentment, and feelings of stuckness. But here I am all alive and shit. I feel a little more whole today, a little more able to appreciate every detail of my day and world. A little more able to come back to Spirit as a place of trust and whole-hearted love, instead of the more recent retrograde relationship i've had that was closer to that of "what the hell is happening in my life?" type energy.

I promise theres a point – I’m not just bragging about how happy my new space makes me – even though its totally brag worthy or whining about my emotional instability during retrograde. My point is that feelings shift, things shift, life shifts – both the good and the bad. Which is soo important to remember when things get a little funky. It’s the constant balance of losing and gaining and it is solely our willingness to take a step back and detach ourselves from most of it. I chatted with a friend who was in crisis during the midst of Mercury’s backspin. I explained to her that what we were all experiencing was similar to ocean waves. Waves are beautiful when you stand on the shoreline. It's incredibly peaceful actually watching them fall and crash – even the big harsh ones, but if you stand underneath them you are sure as hell going to get knocked over and potentially even run the risk of drowning. The best course of action? Simply say to yourself, I don’t know why this is happening, but it must serve me in some way. Take a step back to the shoreline and just observe the universe in its bigger picture. I get the most stuck when I try to figure it all out, when I demand a solution, a resolve, and nothing comes. Some things simply don’t have solutions. They are ongoing ebbs and flows. They are stretched wider and farer and the minute we think we have it figured out a wave hits us that we totally weren’t expecting. Now let me be clear that you cant stand on the shore for your entire life. It’s FUN to play in the waves…But in those big overwhelming what-the-hell-i-didn't-sign-up-for-this-shit moments its important to stand back to not get knocked over.  Only after you learn to ride them or let them bring you back to shore in their gentle loving way, then its a perfect time to let them wash over you, cleanse you even. Decide when you are ready. And for now? We celebrate. We take moments that bring joy and absorb them fully. We breathe life into others, we breathe light into others. And perhaps we need to breathe some light back into ourselves after a tricky 3 weeks of clearing. It’s time to take a step back and know truly what belongs to us and what doesn’t. It’s time to find our wholeness, our love, our strength, our courage once more.

Welcome back to a hint of normalcy, and welcome to the season where every day the sky reminds us of how divine the world we live in is. As we work our way out of the chaos, watch the waves, take a deep breath, and trust that the universe knows exactly what its doing. Find your grateful space. Everything will be okay.