5 Quick Tips for Having More Energy


If I could bottle up energy and sell it on the black market, I’m pretty confident I would be a billionaire. Between energy and time, most people are in constant search for a little more. If you are anything like me, being a full time entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two can leave you feeling like that load of laundry better put itself away. Chronic fatigue has plagued me for years on end and after medical testing, I came to the realization that it was totally just me and my high stress lifestyle. As a person who likes to take action in life instead of being told this is just how it is, I’ve decided to make some serious changes to help bring my energy and my sexy back. So I decided I would put together a little list that has been incredibly useful to me in bringing my energy up to a place where people actually ask me how I have so much energy all the time.

Energy Tip #1: Plan to have Energy

Our brains are powerful y'all. You are what you say you are and the power and subconscious strength of “I am” is becoming more apparent on a daily basis. Are you the person who is constantly saying “I’m tired”? Try making your first thought in the morning “I feel so energized”. Our thoughts are first in the line of order, which means that they impact our feelings and behaviors. You would be surprised how much a difference “faking it until you make it” can make! Negative energy is one of the quickest energy drains you will experience, which means sometimes we have to do a little brain manipulating to help ourselves out. 

Another variation of this is understanding the power of the subconscious brain and the fact that whatever you think of before you go to sleep you marinate in. If you are one of those people who thinks of everything that went wrong today and worries about all the things that can go wrong tomorrow. Stop. Right. There. Try to switch it up by visualizing your next day being filled with energy, notice how good that would feel and drift off into dream world. Ten bucks says you will wake up feeling fantastic.

Energy Tip #2: From Coffee to Smoothies

Ok, I’m pushing it here with asking you to ditch coffee to gain more energy, right? America has come to consider coffee as a morning life source, which is both impressive and sad. Coming from my personal experience, as someone who never had coffee until I became a mother and needed it to function as a normal human being, I totally get it. However, the mid-afternoon crash was way more than I could handle so I began to do some extra research on foods. A great resource for understanding foods to get you thrivin’ is Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong I love cupcakes and pizza, I’m not a clean eater by any stretch of the imagination but making small subtle changes has really helped. In the morning I mix strawberries, bananas, mangos, spinach, a little greek yogurt, and coconut almond milk. I feel completely energized and my body feels good and ready for the day. The best news is I have the same amount of energy but I don’t crash by 1pm. I also recommend any variation of juicing, because it’s amazing and mouth-gasm worthy. So switch up your morning routine to something equally yummy and high vibration.

For ridiculously delicious local smoothies on the go, Check out The Turtle Leaf Café on Water Street in downtown Elmira– you can order ahead and have it ready when you get there. Sweet deal, right?

Energy Tip #3: Drink More Water

I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to suggest this, but any level of dehydration will drop your energy through the floor. Some people plan out their water intake and some people just wing it through the day, but if you notice you’ve gone all day and have only had a glass here and there you are a perfect candidate for becoming more conscious about filling your body with its natural vibrancy. So grab a bottle and fill it up, maybe write the words "Secret Energy Weapon" on it. There really are no bad ideas here. Need help figuring out how much your body needs? Check out this Hydration Calculator from HydraCoach.

Energy Tip #4: Meditate and Exercise

I’m combining the two because one is necessary conditioning for your body and the other is necessary conditioning for your brain.

Begin your day with some variation of exercise, even if it’s a dance party in your kitchen while you make breakfast for the kids. There are also quick 10 minute Youtube workout videos, get outside for a walk, or hit up the gym. Don’t limit your options and switch it up regularly. Stagnant energy will be stagnant energy, setting your morning up to flow will make a huge difference.

Meditation is as easy as sitting and setting your intentions for the day, sending someone love, or just taking a moment to deep breathe in gratitude that you got a chance to wake up today. You can, of course, get more in depth with meditation but simply allowing your brain to settle can set a different tone for your entire day. Another fun way to use meditation is to sit and visualize your day going exactly as you want it to go. Most people note that when they do this, they have a much better day. If you can’t do this first thing in the morning, squeeze in some mindfulness on your commute or in small breaks throughout the day. A few minutes here and there can do wonders for your energy.

Energy Tip #5: Plan Mini breaks

If you hate your job, I can’t help you here, that’s a whole-nother blog.
Somewhere in the Being-An-Adult manual someone must have scribbled the words “it has to suck” in, which we completely disagree. Making your day more fun or inserting little things to look forward to will give you a natural boost of energy. Something as simple as bringing your favorite magazine for your lunch hour or indulging in a few pages of that book you’ve been obsessing on this past weekend. My personal favorite part of spicing up my day is making and sending my friends ridiculous videos of me lip synching or saying weird things. At Clarity, we also arrange dance parties on a regular basis or high tea at noon. We spend a lot of time manifesting exactly how we want things with our business to go and take breaks to go hiking. Life and adulthood doesn’t have to suck, that is completely your choice and I promise if you make a conscious effort to find the fun in your day it will not only boost your energy but make your day more awesome.