30 Days of Gratitude


It’s that time of year when your Facebook newsfeed's combust with mass quantities of gratitude in the most thankful month of year. As much as I love it, I felt compelled to send a simple reminder of what gratitude is and what it's not. Gratitude is not just a Facebook status. It’s not a list. It’s a practice and a way of life.

Gratitude is the act of feeling the blessings of the world around you. Being thankful for simply waking up and noticing how that genuine excitement for being alive blankets you in a whirl of positivity. Gratitude is the ability to present kindness to others. It’s the way you look at life and draw out the positives even when the day has been awful. To be thankful for the friends and family who have supported and loved you along the way. To be thankful for the fact that you were granted another day to breathe some glorious oxygen through your beautiful body. To look at the world in the pure awe it deserves. Gratitude is really a skill that involves finding the beauty in a person, a situation, or the circumstances within your life. It takes practice.

I’ll be the first to say that Gratitude isn’t easy for everyone (or most people), because we are drenched in a world of negativity, surrounded by complaints, surrounded by the need or want for more. It's easy to be grateful when your bills are paid, you love your job, your relationships are all working according to plan, and life is running smoothly. Where the tough part lies is finding beauty in difficulty, when it feels really dark and cold. Making a list is definitely a start - so please let me clear i'm not deterring this trend. I actually very much love watching people partake in a practice that has set my soul free in a lot of ways. But I challenge you to begin to sit in that feeling of genuine gratitude. To feel it radiate through your veins. I challenge you to live a life that is reflective of the list you are making on Facebook.

For anyone needing a little help with gratitude, Rebecca Rosen in her book Spirited recommends saying a little prayer to Arch Angel Raphael:

“Angels and guides, thank you for being with me now, and for your help in opening my heart to freely give and receive love. May this opening serve to awaken gratitude within me, allowing me to fully appreciate and see the beauty in everything and everyone that shows up in my life.”

Now, go ahead and be grateful. Feel it and watch the beauty and happiness in your life truly grow.