10 Reasons Your Best Friend is Probably Your Soul Mate


It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine’s Day without a quick discussion of soul mates. If you’re cringing at the thought of the word Valentine or soul mate, then this post is actually for you. I’m going to take a moment to take the word soul mate off the forbidden yet frequently sought after pedestal that it’s been perched on for the last several hundred years and breathe a little life back into it.

Let’s get real for a moment. A soul mate isn’t a mythical and majestic creature that rates on the rarity scale right up there next to Sasquatch. In fact, you have probably encountered MANY soul mates (yes, we have a bunch) throughout your lifetime. What makes a person a soul mate? I'm glad you asked.

  1. You feel an irrationally strong, energetic connection to this person. It’s like a damn magnet.
  2.  It may feel like you have known them for a lifetime even if it’s been just a few weeks.
  3. You think this person is awesome, like just crazy intensely awesome.
  4. You knew from the moment you met that something “just clicked”.
  5. They bring you harmony on days that feel like pure chaos.
  6. They challenge you and make you grow with gentleness rather than force.
  7. You might know when this person is having an off day even if you aren’t in the same physical place.
  8. Words aren’t always needed to know what the other is thinking or feeling.
  9. You feel immediately comfortable in this person's presence.You can be completely yourself around this person.
  10. Time passes quickly when you are hanging out. There’s seemingly never enough time that you can spend together.

The Break Down: Soul mates are souls that we have likely known in a previous lifetime that we have agreed to come to earth and reconnect with. These soul mates remind us of who we are and help us grow in some pretty serious ways. Soul Mates do NOT have to be romantic partners. They can be friends or family too! I'm lucky enough to have a handful of best friends who are ALL soul mates to me. There is intense comfort in having someone who will sit with you while your knee deep in life suckery and help you weed through day after day until you can make more sense of it. There is power in finding your tribe to be completely and totally YOU around. I mean that’s what life is really about after all, right? It’s about becoming the most you that you can be! So, if you are feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day or pressuring yourself to find “the one”. Take a good look at what you already have around you. Perhaps you have a soul mate right in front of your face. Oh, and buy them chocolate. I hear soul mates love chocolate.